Student Work Program

Student positions are available in almost every University department. From student receptionists and office assistants, to custodial and grounds workers, to bookstore cashiers and intramural referees, over 800 students are employed in over 160 different on-campus positions every semester.

Student positions are classified according to the following wage step levels (effective December 15, 2014):

Step Level


Pay Rate


Entry level position. No experience required.



Entry level position. Little or no experience required.



Position requiring at least one year experience. OR

Position requiring specific technical skills. OR

Physical Plant custodial, grounds, or maintenance position.



Position requiring significant technical skills. OR

Supervisory position.


5 & 6

Level 5: Graduate assistant. OR

Position requiring very specific and significant technical skills and/or experience.

Level 6: At least one year's experience at Level 5.

$9.05/hour and $9.40/hour


Position for a non-University employer such as Sodexo Campus Services or the Best Western University Inn.


A listing of SWOP Positions provides an overview of the responsibilities and qualifications for each SWOP position. This listing is not updated to reflect open SWOP positions; a student must contact each department to inquire about whether or not a particular position is filled or available. The SWOP Positions may be sorted by department, by step level, by semester, or by hours per week, and contain contact names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses to inquire about a particular position.

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