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Posted: Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emily 2-11 1

Gruss Gott!

I hope you are doing well. These past two weeks in Austria have been so much fun. Last weekend, my business class took a trip to Germany. My International Business professor owns a house in the region of Bavaria and he invited us to join him and his family there for the weekend. The house was beautiful; it dated back 800 years and had so many treasures and artifacts in it that it really could be mistaken for a museum. It is actually considered a castle. We spent the days exploring the culture and history of the area by going to the local German Mass and visiting museums. Our professor was very knowledgeable about the region and he led us on a tour of the town and was able to give us practical applications for several of the topics and situations we had been talking about in class. We spent the evenings in one of the sitting rooms in the castle, being warmed by the heat of a wood oven and talking about everything from business to theology and playing various American and German games. It was such a wonderful weekend. emily 2-11 2 The farther I go in the International Business program here, the more grateful I become that I chose to study business at Franciscan. It is so personal and the professor is so determined to help us succeed and I have such high confidence that I will thrive in the international business world.

This past weekend I stayed in Gaming. As an RA, I have duty nights about once every other week and then once in the semester, I have to stay back and be on duty over the weekend. This past weekend was my duty weekend but it was so much fun. Gaming is in the foothills of the Austrian Alps and they tower majestically over the small city. The Alps are famous because they attract sports enthusiasts from all around the world and are known as one of the best places to ski. This weekend, the school organized a trip for people to go skiing. It was a blast! We left early Friday morning and spent the whole day on the slopes. Although I had skied a few other times, nothing compared to skiing in the Alps! There were about 55 other students that went and some of the sisters and friars came as well. Emily 2-11 3 Then, later that evening, we wanted to have Mass because we missed the Mass at the Kartause, so the sisters said we could have Mass in their chapel. The sisters live in one of the houses which is part of the Kartuase and used to be the home of the Carthusian monks when they were here. Their chapel is more like a walk-in closet that has been converted into a chapel! And I don’t know how we were able to, but we fit everyone in! Although it was a pretty tight squeeze, I think everyone enjoyed it because we were all so close not just physically but spiritually as well.

On Saturday I was able to go hiking. There are some awesome mountain trails in Gaming that range in length and difficulty. I decided to climb one of the more challenging ones known as Book Mountain. At the top there is a book that everyone signs when they get there. Emily 2-11 4 It is so cool to look back on the pages in the book and see the names of my friends that have come to Austria before! On Sunday I went for an adventure as well. One of the American families that lives in Austria has three pairs of snow shoes so myself and two other people went snow shoeing. It was beautiful! We went through the woods that were behind the Kartuase and the snow was all freshly fallen and ours were the only set of tracks! Coming back, we stood at the top of the hill for a while and looked at the Kartause and the city of Gaming all lit up. It was breathtaking and so peaceful!

May God grant you his peace, Emily

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