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Posted February 23, 2010
Christyn Dupre 2-23 1

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“Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat said dey gonna beat dem SAINTS?!” were the only words that seem to be ringing in my ears the past two weeks! Like most of you know, last weekend was the Super Bowl where the Colts played the New Orleans Saints… And for the first time, ever, not only did the Saints go to the Super Bowl, but they WON! I cannot even begin to explain to you what this means for the city of New Orleans. Even after all the confetti had been dropped, the noise had subsided, and all the tears were shed (yes, some of us cried ☺), it was still difficult to put into words the affects this team and that game has had on our city. With everything that has been happening with our city, this was such an uplifting and inspiring event that will forever live in the hearts of all those Saints fans.

Christyn 2-23 2

Although I could not be home to watch the game in the midst of all the excitement, all of those from Louisiana put on a huge Super Bowl party where we cooked infamous New Orleans dishes such as gumbo, “jumbalaya,” pralines, and much more! The music was cued so that for every down in the game we had a New Orleans song playing and pumping everybody up. We had about 50 people in the house that night, all rooting for the New Orleans Saints to “achieve the impossible” and make history. While the rest of the student body was watching the game on campus and other friends’ houses, we felt as though we were already home and celebrating with the rest of the city. It was pretty difficult waking up the next morning and realizing I still had to go to class, I still had a test to take, I still had meetings to attend. This was all happening during the time of getting about two feet of snow on campus--the most beautiful snow I had ever seen (which is not many)!

Christyn 2-23 3

If that was not exciting enough, I got a call from a high school back in New Orleans I had applied to over Christmas Break asking me to fly in for an interview over Mardi Gras holidays. I was so excited and had such a difficult time trying to stay focused on my school work for that week. This is the school where I have my heart set on teaching. However, I also have been realizing that this may not be the place where God is calling me. I realize He may want to use my gifts and talents somewhere else.

Thursday, a friend and I flew out and headed home for a weekend of excitement, family, and fun for four days. About 20 other friends from Franciscan drove in (crazy 16 hour drive) to join us to experience what Mardi Gras is really about. Despite what media portrays in TV, my family and I were able to show everyone what Mardi Gras is really about and the fun, wholesome aspects of the season. We took them to parades, crawfish boils, and heard live music from the many jazz bands in the area. I love the feeling of home meeting my life and friends at school. We had such a blast showing them a good time down in the city of New Orleans.

These past two weeks have been so exciting and exhilarating for me. The Lord has been showing me what it means to trust. Amidst all the business and crazy, exciting schedule, I still find myself having to stop, breathe, and be present to what is going on around me. I find myself falling on my knees everyday asking the Lord how He is going to provide the grace to get through that day… and some how, HE DOES! I cannot wait to share with all of ya’ll more to come and I hope you have been learning as well how much we need God’s grace in everything we do. You are all in my prayers and I cannot wait to talk to you again soon!

God Bless,


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