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Posted March 16, 2010
SOS & AMDG Praying

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Hey everyone!

This past weekend my household, Servants of the Savior had a joint Lord’s day with AMDG, another men’s household on campus. They came over to our common room where our household resides, and we enjoyed each others company while we meditated on Sunday’s scripture, and celebrated the Lord’s Day.

Right after Lord’s Day, a bunch of household brothers went to Kroger’s and got a different jelly, or jam for a peanut butter and jelly party. I have never seen so many ridiculous things put on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: peanut butter, bananas, bacon, marshmallow fluff, peppers, some strange kind of jelly that no one has ever seen before, an top it off with some chocolate milk. I probably had about ten sandwiches and eight cups of super thick chocolate milk, and I felt sick for the next two days. It was great.

It was a really busy week as far as school goes. I spent most of the day and late into Sunday night studying for my zoology lab practical. Six a.m. came earlier than I thought when my alarm went off for Monday morning Mass with SOS. After breakfast, I headed over to the science building to take the lab practical. Patrick & ChristynFr. Joe put slides up on the projector for about thirty seconds and asked us to identify structures, organisms, or classifications of organisms. I did well, a B+ is good, but I can always do better. After the practical, there was no time for rest during my day. I went right on to the rest of my classes and then finished up with chem lab.

After the rest of my busy week filled with tests, quizzes, and homework, I didn’t even get to relax much this weekend. Saturday morning, my girlfriend, Elizabeth and I, drove to Akron, Ohio to visit her grandmother. It was great just to chat with her and spend some time off campus. We went out to eat at a local sports restaurant named Rockne’s, I ordered a bacon burger, and was full for the rest of the night.

We left from Akron at about four pm, and were back in Steubenville by six-fifteen. At seven, we headed over to the Festival of Praise. It amazes me every month, how college students gather in the Finnegan Field House to praise the Lord. The music is always great, and I feel like Fr. Dominic and Aaron Sang, the F.O.P. leader, always have the right words to lead the congregation in the prayer. Aaron is one of those amazing people who I feel is wise beyond his years. I heard his testimony while on the Born in the Spirit retreat a few weeks ago, and it is just incredible how some people come to know Jesus.

Playing at the FOP

The F.O.P. was perfect, just what I needed to keep me going. Afterwards, Elizabeth and I headed to a friends house for a surprise birthday party for another one of our friends, Christyn. There were tons of people waiting patiently for what seemed like forever for Christyn to arrive. Finally she came and was over-taken by the surprise.

I got to bed a little earlier than usual because I had to get up early for an EMT course that I just started with one of my friends. It is an extra long class on Sundays--8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you are definitely worn out by the end. But I can say, after only two classes, that I am going to learn so much, and it is going to be a blast.

After class, I found a Mass off campus. It made me thankful for the Masses offered here on campus, I think I will miss the Masses the most when I finally graduate.

Until next time, peace and blessings.


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