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Posted April 21, 2010
Daniel 4-21 1

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Christ is risen, Alleluia!

There is little else like being on campus for the holiest week of the year. The liturgies and atmosphere around campus are beautiful and many families come from all around to participate. This year, five friends flew out from San Diego to visit the school for the week. After their visit, three of them are set on coming to Franciscan. My friends Chris and Victor were out of control—they met plenty of people, asked four hundred questions, and probably know more than I do about some households. And I quote, “You know how you go to Costco to try every sample? That’s what I’m doing here.” I think they exceeded their goal, and Franciscan exceeded their expectations. My brother, who is doing graduate work at University of Dallas, also flew out to visit for Easter. After an incredible Easter Vigil, everyone made their way to the JC Williams Center for the Resurrection Party! After a good amount of food and sugar, the music and dancing began. It was a great time to be joyful together and laugh and sing for the Lord’s sake.

Daniel 4-21 2

On Easter morn, my brother, my sister, and I had brunch at a friend’s house, and then spent the afternoon at our cousins’ who live close by. More food. And I brought some California fun: the hacky sack. We played an all-out game with my talented soccer-playing cousins. They kicked butt. All was well until the grown-ups got involved. In the evening I went to the “Castle,” the Knights’ off-campus house, for a party. People were coming and going all day, and at about 9:30pm we started some praise and worship, and then prayed the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. It was great to be able to celebrate the resurrection with family, friends, and household brothers all on the same day. Throughout the week, the weather was like San Diego. Therefore as much time as possible was spent outside. We had picnics, practiced our bow-skills, plucked some Irish tunes, played Uno, and feasted.

Daniel 4-21 3

One year ago I was in Rome with Papa Benedetto for the Triduum. On Good Friday this year, I tuned in and saw some of the Stations of the Cross, and recalled standing and praying with Catholics from all around the world at the Colloseum by candlelight. This experience, as well as being in Mexico as they prepared for the holy days, really reminds me that the Church is a truly catholic family. We celebrate in visible unity throughout the world the same invisible mysteries! The Lord calls people from all walks of life, and has us walk in his truth, contemplating the one death that gives meaning to our deaths, and celebrating the Resurrection that gives us new life.

As invigorating as the Triduum was, Easter continues, and the joy will have to be tested during my hours of study. I hope and pray to be faithful through these final weeks before graduation. God bless you!




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