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Posted April 23, 2010
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Hey everyone!

It has been so long since our last update and so much has happened since then! I hope these past few weeks have been glorious for you and such a time of growth and peace. CHRIST HAS RISEN! It has been so perfect because the weather here in Steubenville has been cooperating with the Liturgical season—Easter, a time of new life and Resurrection. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and spring flowers and trees have been blooming again and peaking out from the ground. Usually in the past, when I would go home for Easter, I would only be home for a few days before I had to turn around and leave to come back to campus. I would barely have time to settle in and allow myself to come up for air from all the excitement from the family before I had to get back on the plane to leave again. This year, it worked out so well because my brother Jonathan (who is a freshman here) and I stayed here and were able to enjoy the Easter Triduum and all the beautiful services campus holds.

Mr. University Contest

It was awesome! Good family time with Jonathan and because our family was not here, we got to spend Easter with our friends whose families came to visit and experience all of their Easter family traditions. As wonderful as it was to spend Easter with other families and friends, it definitely made Jonathan and me miss home so much more and is making me even more antsy about graduation in a couple of weeks. That’s right, GRADUATION! With the work load that I have I do not understand how I manage to find the time to be involved with the most random things on campus. Recently, my roommate, Angela, and I were asked by the Sorority on campus if we would “host” the annual fashion show, “Mr. University.” To help raise money for a camp they sponsor, Theta Phi Alpha Sorority puts on a fashion show where men will sign themselves up and compete in the different activities/events that night. People bid throughout the show for who they think is “Mr. Franciscan University” . The events include the normal genres such as best talent, coolest dress wear, best song and dance, and question and answers to a variety of questions—all of which get really goofy, really fast. I’m not sure why they chose us to MC the event because we could not help ourselves but to laugh the entire time. Let’s just say, boys are ridiculous.


This past weekend my household (Totus Tuus Maria) had retreat and it could not have come a better time. With all of my final projects and tests, I have had such a hard time finding time for myself and for good quality prayer time. The focus of retreat was “Woman” and was geared towards everything woman is called to be. Retreat was very enriching and was also a really good time to bond with household sisters you do not get to spend much time with. I felt as though retreat was my fuel for the rest of the week. It allowed me to finally just rest and be with the Lord, rather than going throughout my day trying to figure out when would be a good time to stop in and sit with Him. I continue to realize that God never goes anywhere—He never leaves our sides. We just need to recognize that He desires to walk with us throughout our day along side of us. Again, retreat could not have come at a more perfect time!

These past couple of weeks have been non-stop with Catechetics projects, tests, Catechetics projects, household commitments….more Catechetics projects! My parents keep reminding me, “Work hard now, play hard later!” My family continuously call me throughout the week to give me little boosts of confidence or funny jokes or sing me songs to make my days a little lighter. These past 2 weeks I was left with a ridiculous amount of “musically inclined” voicemails on my phone from my family which has continued to help me push through everything I have to get done to finish out this semester, and my entire school career, strong! It is so difficult to think about graduation and realizing that I am leaving this school and these people forever. I can see why people have such a hard time leaving—Franciscan fosters such a unique and spiritually challenging environment. My dad always says that “Home is a place where you come back, be built up, loved on, and sent back out again.” Franciscan feels like a family where you are called here by the Lord to come, be built up, loved on, and sent back out into the world to spread the love of Jesus Christ. I find myself, more recently, acknowledging these past years here simply as a gift from God. But now I know I am called to do something with that gift—to go out into the world and live out what He has been teaching me and forming me to be. God is SO GOOD!

All of these realizations are hitting me harder than ever before. I ask you for all of your prayers as I continue to wrap up this year and that all of my work can reflect my best efforts ☺ Now go out and enjoy the beautiful weather today! Until next time…

God Bless,


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