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Posted April 23, 2010
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Hey everyone! I hate to say it, but I honestly have too much news to fit into such a short article; I’ve done so much in the last few weeks it’s a miracle I found time to write this blog! I suppose I’ll start with Easter. Holy Thursday, I finished class at around 2 pm just in time to meet my parents who just drove from Philadelphia. Its always nice when your parents are in town. It was a blessing having them here for the whole weekend. The vigil Mass on Saturday night was incredible as always; there is no experience like the Easter vigil at Franciscan.

After Mass the whole congregation rushed over to the J.C. Williams Center for the after party, food, drinks, music, and to celebrate the reason why we are Catholic, the Resurrection! The “Resurrection Party,” as it is most commonly known, is one of the biggest functions of the school year and it is insane. A ton of people crammed in the ground floor of the J.C. all screaming and jumping around, while a band plays loud enough to blow out your eardrums. Yeah, it’s pretty nuts. Nobody gets to bed before two a.m. but it’s a great time.

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The next week, it was more of the same old, always staying up too late studying, getting up too early for morning prayer, always getting less sleep than the night before, and some how getting through. That particular week, I had to pull a legitimate all-nighter. Usually I can get at least two or three hours of sleep if I am studying for a big test, but not this time. I was writing a theology paper on the Incarnation. Needless to say, that paper really took me all night! I spent the next two days recouping from the madness.

Well, I got the paper back, kind of expecting the worst, and some how, by the grace of God, I received a ninety seven percent! I’ll take it. I guess a little bit of hard work pays off every now and then, along with about five pots of coffee and living in a state of psychosis for the next two days. But I digress. I recovered from the paper, and started studying again for chemistry, it never ends…

Patrick 4-23 3

Later on that week, my girlfriend, Elizabeth, and I were asked to shoot a spring fashion show. Naturally we took the gig, it’s a chance for us to build up our reputation and our portfolios! To be honest, I was a little nervous at first. A part of me thought that the fashion show could possibly crash and burn. However I am happy to say, that was not the case! It was actually fantastic! The group of friends who were in charge of the event did an awesome job with everything, the outfits chic, the models were stunning, and the whole night was just fun.

This weekend one of Elizabeth and my close friend came into town this weekend. Dan is a Franciscan graduate who is now in grad-school and started his own photography business called Hitch Photography. As expected, Elizabeth and I snatched the opportunity to go shooting with Dan and another one of our friends. We picked his brain all night, he was teaching us about night shooting; we were taking pictures that had exposure lengths of thirty plus seconds. Three a.m. in the morning and two hundred pictures later we went to bed.

If you have learned anything from this blog, SLEEP! It does wonders for the body, and until next time, peace and blessings


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