Student Profile


Caitlin & Grace 


  • Hometown: Lewes, Delaware
  • Major: Nursing
  • Household: Stella Mariae
  • Activities: Basketball, Household


  • Hometown: College Station, Texas
  • Major: Nursing
  • Household: Carae Domini
  • Activities: Cello, Household

At Franciscan University, we love bragging about our students. We love it even more when others do our bragging for us.

Accordingly, meet Caitlin and Grace.

Caitlin is a basketball-playing, peanut M&M eating, uber-organized junior from Lewes, Delaware. Grace is a cello-playing, action movie loving, soft-spoken junior from College Station, Texas.

Both are in households: Caitlin in Stella Mariae, Grace in Carae Domini.

Both are nursing majors.

And both recently received a piece of fan mail that made their day (not to mention ours).

Read more of their story in Franciscan Way Magazine.


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