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  • Hometown: Covington, Louisiana
  • Major: Theology and Catechetics (Youth Ministry Concentration)
  • Household: Totus Tuus Maria
  • Activities: SENT; Franciscan Southern Society; Festivals of Praise Prayer Team

I first learned about Franciscan University when I attended one of their high school youth conferences. The conference was an amazing experience, but I still wasn't sure if the University was where God was calling me. Eventually, however, I realized that if I wanted to study catechetics, there was no better place to do so.

When I visited campus for the first time, the prayer life of the students inspired me.

The integration of faith and reason in classes at Franciscan University also really impressed me. Knowing that the Church's teachings would always be presented faithfully on a campus where people my age lived and loved the Catholic faith was the reason I came to Franciscan University.

Being at Franciscan has changed my life. People live their faith passionately here, and that constantly calls me on to greater holiness. Surrounded by the Eucharist, and with so many opportunities to encounter the Lord in daily Mass, eucharistic adoration, Festivals of Praise, and more, God is slowly but surely molding me into the person he created me to be.

The classes are excellent too, and the professors have challenged me to open up my mind to new ideas and new ways of seeing the world. They've enabled me to look inside myself, an exciting and humbling experience, which has revealed to me just how much more I have to learn.

The best part of being at Franciscan, however, is household life. My household is my home, and I love having my household sisters to challenge me, pray with me, and help me grow in holiness. My love for the Church, for Christ, and for Our Lady has grown so much deeper here, and I know, in part, that's because of my household sisters. The friendships are real and deep, rooted in Christ and lived in love. I'm so grateful for them, and so grateful I came to Franciscan University. It really is an amazing place.

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