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  • Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Major: English Literature
  • Household: Still looking
  • Musical Talents: Hammered dulcimer, piano, bodhran, penny whistle, and vocals
  • Activities: Plays keyboards in the popular on-campus band, All the Day Sounds, and also plays hammered dulcimer in Franciscan's resident Irish band, Tess Beat the Ratio, in the award-winning band Seasons, and in the summer conference music ministry. Also involved in the theatre program, the Film Club, music ministry, Works of Mercy, Franciscan Edge (the campus radio station), and a stint on the Francis Hall Council.

You know how some say that the loneliest people in the world are freshmen in college?

Well, those people don't go to Franciscan University.

Here, you would have to work really hard to be lonely. Everyone is so welcoming and so helpful. Even the professors are approachable and friendly. I've never had one who wasn't willing to take the time to meet with me after class. I think that's because here, we're all on the same page. We all care about the Church. We all want to get to heaven. And we all want to help one another get there as well.

When I look back on how far I've come since my freshman year, I sometimes can't believe I'm the same person I was back then. Franciscan University has pushed me to do things I didn't think I was capable of. It's also pushed me out of myself, teaching me to look at what other people are going through, and to put their needs before my own.

The classes are great too. The professors push you, and they want you to care about what you're learning. At least with me, they've succeeded. I was homeschooled, so I definitely had to adapt to working in a classroom setting. But my professors have done such a good job of capturing my interest that I've been able to make that adjustment just fine.

A really good class makes you want to learn the material, not just to do well in the class, but because you're actually excited about learning more. That's what my classes at Franciscan are like.

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