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  • Hometown: Nokesville, Virginia
  • Major: Accounting
  • Activities: ROTC

As the fifth in my family to attend Franciscan, I knew a lot about the University, but seeing the variety of people who come from all over the country is amazing. It’s great just to hang out, talk about the faith, and experience life outside yourself, or get involved in activities such as soccer, basketball, and households.

My most challenging course so far was economics with Dr. Michael Welker. He expects you to take responsibility for your education and ask questions or follow up with him later. If you do your homework and go to class, you’ll succeed.

My summer internship in accounting at Three Pillar Global, a mobile software development company in Fairfax, Virginia, has been fantastic. Using the everyday lessons and values Franciscan teaches is helping me succeed.

I’ve always wanted to travel overseas, and I saw how Franciscan’s study-abroad program in Austria positively affected my siblings—they experienced the world, the faith as a way of life, and different cultures because they traveled a lot as well as studied. When it's my turn, I expect I'll find links to my ROTC program because, in both situations, you have to adapt to change, be responsible for yourself, and make decisions on the fly.

Franciscan is an awesome place because the academics are challenging and the friendships are incredible. But most important, where else would you see 2,500 college students living out their faith as their own and as happy as can be? That's why I—and 14 of my high school classmates—chose to come here.

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