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  • Home: New York
  • Major: Middle Childhood Education

Because so many people from my area go to Franciscan, I grew up knowing about it and how great the school was. When I first came to visit, I saw for myself that everything I’d heard was true: Everyone was so friendly, and God was so present on campus.

Now that I’m here, I can’t get over how much the school has to offer...

...the mission trips and ministries, sports and sacraments, and especially the opportunity to become friends with amazing people. God definitely shines through the people here.

I’ve also loved my classes, especially my education classes with Professor Tiffany Boury. She’s so friendly and wants to get to know everyone in her class. Like all my professors, she really pushes me and makes me want to learn. I love how Franciscan’s professors want the best for you. They challenge you, but at the same time, reach out to help you succeed. It’s a great combination.

Since coming to Franciscan I’ve become more secure in who I am as a daughter of Christ. The closer I’ve grown to him, the more clearly I see myself, what I’m called to in the education field, and the beauty all around me.

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