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  • Home: Kingston, New York
  • Major: Biology

I always knew that I wanted to go to a good Catholic college, and a priest from my hometown recommended I look into Franciscan. I agreed and came for a visit, but was a little skeptical at first. I knew the school was great, but it was so far from home. But, mid-way through the trip, during Mass in Christ the King Chapel, something changed. I felt like I needed to be here. And I was right . . . on so many levels.

Academically, I couldn’t ask for a better Biology Program. It’s extremely rigorous and my professors are amazing.

I’m also learning to see sports in a whole new way. I play on the NCAA soccer team and also run track. I’ve always been an athlete, but sports in high school was nothing like sports at Franciscan. The faith is completely integrated into athletics here. We play to give glory to God. We want to win, but it’s not about us. It’s about glorifying God in our bodies, about being excellent but also playing with integrity.

Maybe the best thing about Franciscan, however, has been the friendships I’ve formed with my household brothers. It’s amazing having bonds of friendship based solely on faith. They’re challenging me to be open and go outside my comfort zone, to be more disciplined, and just to be a better man.

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