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  • Home: Hampton, New Hampshire
  • Major: Math/Education

I first learned about Franciscan University through the youth minister at my parish. On her recommendation, I came to visit. I was amazed at how passionate the students were about living their faith, but I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of going here. The more schools I visited, however, the more I realized I was constantly comparing everything to Franciscan. So, after a lot of deliberation, I trusted in God and applied to Franciscan.

What I love most about this school is its atmosphere. I initially expected the school to be made up of teachers and students who were already saints. This was the reason why I was nervous to attend in the first place. I thought that everyone would be extremely holy and that I couldn’t compare. Needless to say, I was wrong, but not in a bad way. Not everyone here is a saint yet, but they are honestly striving to be holy men and women of God. We all fail sometimes, but being at Franciscan means we have friends who make it a lot easier to stand back up again and keep going.

Since I arrived here, I’ve grown more confident in myself as a man and as a Catholic.

Growing up, I had learned about my faith through CCD and Confirmation classes, but I wasn't confident enough to stand up for the beliefs I had. Here, however, I found a fantastic support system in my friends, and I’m now finding it a lot easier to live out my faith in everything I do.

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