• Anthropology

    What does it mean to be a human person?

    How do cultures and societies develop?

    Anthropology studies humans as biological and cultural beings in a holistic and comparative perspective. From our earliest beginnings to the present, the questions at the foundation of anthropology cross disciplines and force philosophers and scientists to face the limitations of their domains. 

    Our Anthropology Program offers students a broad-based, cross-cultural understanding of the dynamic nature of humankind, steeped in the Christian philosophical tradition and reliant upon the most advanced biological, sociological, and psychological insights.

    Students will examine the methods and works of anthropologists and related researchers in a number of required and elective courses in each of the four principal subfields of anthropology: 1) cultural anthropology, 2) physical anthropology, 3) archaeology, and 4) linguistics. Anthropology majors will also receive valuable training by taking courses in the physical and social sciences, humanities, and communication arts.

    At the end of this program, you will be well equipped to contribute to the bioethical, historical, and cultural discussions buzzing about what it is to be human and all that humanity entails.



    Sample Program | Course Descriptions

    First Semester Second Semester
    Cultural Anthropology Physical Anthropology

    Ancient History

    Phil. of the Human Person
    Freshman English I

    Freshman English II

    Survey of Biology

    Social Science Core
    Communications Core

    Communications Core

    First Semester Second Semester
    Anthropological Linguistics Archaeology Theory
    Anatomy & Physiology I Science Elective
    Theology Core Theology Core
    Humanities Core (Literature) Humanities Elective
    Social Science Core Communications Core
    First Semester Second Semester
    Anthropology Electives Anthropology Electives
    Science Elective Science Elective
    Humanities Elective Elective
    Elective Elective
    Summer Session
    Archaeology Field School
    First Semester Second Semester
    Archaeology Lab Coordinating Seminar


    Elective Elective
    Elective Elective



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