• Assessment Learning Goals

    A graduating Biology Major is able to:

    1. Demonstrate an understanding of living organisms and biological diversity;
    2. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental organization and function of
      organisms and living systems;
    3. Integrate information from other divisions of knowledge to address biological issues;
    4. Use critical thinking skills to analyze biological problems, as demonstrated in written and oral presentations.

    Department Mission

    The biological study of living organisms is an important aspect of a liberal education. Developing an appreciation and comprehension of living organisms is essential if one is to fully understand the human person in relationship to both the Creator and His Creation. In the Department of Biology, course offerings are intended to provide students with an understanding of the following: the fundamental organization and function of living organisms, the diversity of life forms, the interdependence and interrelationships between organisms and their environment, and the biological aspects of the human person.  This information, when integrated by the student with knowledge gained from other disciplines, provides a deeper appreciation of God and His works. 

    While there are common courses that are required of all biology majors, programs of study are individually tailored to the needs of the student in order to prepare the student for his or her particular career choice. Biology Majors may choose to pursue a course of study leading to graduate study in various fields of biological research, graduate study in professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, podiatry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and other allied heath fields.Students may also tailor their studies for post-graduate employment in life science education, research laboratories, or allied health laboratories.