Chapel Priests and Staff

Our People

Fr. Dominic Scotto, T.O.R.
University Chaplain
The chaplain is the spiritual leader and pastor of the University community. He fosters the students growth in faith through a program of evangelization and through an environment that promotes the liturgical life of the Church and its commitment to our Catholic and Franciscan heritage.

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Mr. Robert Palladino
Director of Chapel Ministries
The director of Chapel Ministries is responsible for the administration of Christ the King Chapel through oversight of the Chapel building, the budget and all campus ministry programs. In collaboration with the University chaplain, the director supervises all the staff and ministries
Mrs. Theresa Jurasko
Coordinator of Music Ministry
The coordinator of Music Ministry is responsible for the development of the Music Ministry program at Christ the King Chapel and oversees the Sound Minstry. The coordinator aids in the choice and formation of music groups, directs the students, trains them in music leadership, and develops programs and activities to aid in the students’ growth in music and liturgy.
Mrs. Pam Salatino
Coordinator of Chapel Ministries Administration
The coordinator of Chapel Ministries Administration assists the University chaplain and director of Chapel Ministries in the overall operation of the Chapel offices. The coordinator manages the performance of the office; coordinates room reservations, Mass kits, sign-ups, payments, Mass announcements, prayer intentions and the weekly bulletin; and supervises all receptionists and night managers.
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