• Film Studies Minor

    Communication Arts DepartmentM

    Given the growing pervasiveness and significance of cinematic arts in the new millennium, the film studies minor satisfies an increasing need to assist students in the development of critical skills useful for interpretation, analysis, and creation of narrative and non-narrative digital films, as called for in the Church documents Inter Mirifica and Communio et Progressio. The minor draws on courses offered by multiple departments and is designed to complement a broad range of degree programs.

    The minor complements both liberal arts and professional programs. Courses focus on the knowledge and skills necessary for effective analysis and production of cinematic works in a variety of applied settings. The core consists of courses in three foundational subject areas: film history, theory and criticism, and digital production. Students then select three additional courses to match personal areas of interest.


    • FLM/COM 222 Critical Television Viewing OR
    • FLM/COM 328 Film Analysis and Theory 
    • FLM/COM 325 Cinema Studies 
    • FLM/COM 343 Video Editing OR
    • FLM/COM 345 Independent Digital Filmmaking OR
    • FLM/COM 344 Advanced Digital Media Production 

    Three Additional Upper Level FIlm courses from: 

    • FLM/COM 329 Cinema of India
    • FLM/COM 331 Mysteries in Film
    • FLM/COM 484 Digital Composing and Special Effects
    • FLM/FRN 326 French Cinema

    Any additional courses that may be offered in any semester which meet the criteria for the Film Studies Minor