• Office of Information Technology

    William Beatty Database Administrator/Programmer Analyst
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5200

    Dennis Breen Director of Telecommunication and Networks
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5201

    Vincent Cartledge Director of Administrative Computing and Webmaster
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5191

    Rev. Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R. Information Technology Advocate
    Starvaggi Hall | 283-6317

    Susan Dukich Supervisor of Help Desk and IT Administration
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5196

    Matthew Heaps Telephone/Network Administrator
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5207

    Mark Porter Internet/Web Application Developer
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5198

    Sandra Radvansky Coordinator of Academic Computing
    Egan/Stafford Hall | 284-5357

    William Reed Telecommunication and Network Administrator
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5199

    Kevin Sebolt Director of Information Technology
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5192

    Pamela Shane Assistant Director of Administrative Systems
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5193

    Mary Steitz Data Processing Operations Manager
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5190

    Attila Gabor Systems Support Analyst
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5205

    Eric Mammolenti Multimedia Assistant
    Egan/Stafford Hall | 283-6512

    Alex Radick Help Desk Support Technician
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5202

    Roger Thompson Network Support Technician
    Starvaggi Hall | 284-5762