• Economics

    Available in either a B.A. or a B.S. program
    Study human behavior and commerce
    Guide business and society to ethical successes

    The economist studies labor, commerce, enterprise, participation, and exchange and then uses what he or she has learned to make future-oriented, accurate, efficient, and timely decisions on the basis of such environmental scanning.

    You’ll be trained in research and arrangement of data, correct analysis and generalization of data, and the application of analytical conclusions to existing business problems.

    And since this program is at Franciscan University, your education will include sound ethical formation grounded in the Catholic social justice tradition. From the classroom, where our professors teach with an eye on Catholic social teaching, to the residence hall, to the athletic field, to the missionary field, every activity prepares our graduates for successful careers and faith-filled lives.

    Available in either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science program

    Those who pursue the bachelor of arts in economics will take courses that better prepare them for success in graduate programs in economics. Our bachelor of science in economics provides a business-oriented economics education, preparing graduates actually to enter the workforce.