• Living Philosophers In Dialogue 

    Most of the philosophers that students study in their philosophy courses are no longer alive, and therefore it is impossible to receive answers to questions they might wish to pose to them. It is also important to realize that philosophy is a living tradition with new and important work currently being done by a number of philosophers representing diverse schools of thought. It is for these two reasons that the MA Philosophy Program offers a course in which students read significant works by living contemporary philosophers. Moreover, these philosophers, near the end of course, then visit the class so that the students have the opportunity to discuss with them, in person, any issues and questions they have regarding the writings they have studied during the semester. It is philosophy done as a dialogue with a living philosopher. 

    Living Philosophers: 

    Alasdair MacIntyre 

    John Searle 

    Germain Grisez 

    Jean-Luc Marion 

    Nicholas Rescher 

    Peter van Inwagen