• Legal Studies Program

    Laws of Man, Service of God

    Man-made laws and legal systems exist to serve man's final end--reaching heaven. To make sure the laws of the state encourage and enable this pursuit there must be legal professionals in all levels who understand the natural law--that part of God's eternal law which guides human behavior--and recognize that no law can be a just law if it in any way violates the natural law.

    The Legal Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program which analyzes American law in light of natural law principles while providing competence in legal research and writing. It prepares those bound for law school, governmental service, or allied professions with the ability to think critically and address human rights and life issues through a degree program. For those who simply desire a liberal arts education, this program provides background in bio-ethics, humanities, jurisprudence, with professional skills enabling them to be effective advocates of social justice in the public square.