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    Information for New Students and Parents

    A note to New Students and Parents

    When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child: when I become a man, I put aside childish things. 1 Cor. 13:11

    Welcome to Franciscan University of Steubenville. Over the next few months each of you will experience many transitions. The Student Life staff at Franciscan University is prepared to support new students as they begin this new phase of life. Franciscan University recognizes that “its ultimate purpose is to graduate men and women who are able to take a mature, responsible approach to life.” As a Catholic institution we recognize that this approach to life is ultimately about students conforming their minds, hearts, and actions to the mind, heart, and life of Christ through growth in virtue and holiness. To this end Student Life, especially the Residence Life staff, is committed to fostering a culture of ongoing conversion leading to Christian maturity.

    New Students: Many life lessons are learned in the residence halls. These lessons can be opportunities for growth and conversion. Students will face new challenges as they learn to manage schedules, handle conflict, live in community, and resolve issues that are part of daily life. Some students will experience “growing pains” as they navigate these transitions. The staff will support them by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions, communicate effectively, and work through issues as they arise. Achieving self-responsibility is one of the most important things that a student learns on the road to Christian maturity

    Parents: We hope that you will partner with the Student Life staff by supporting your student in mastering this important task. Your student is moving from dependence to interdependence: sometimes this can be more difficult for the parent than the student. As parents we may be used to “fixing” things for our children. Growth in Christian maturity requires that your student grow in self -responsibility. They need your encouragement, support and advice as they learn this important lesson, but generally, it is counterproductive to “fix” things for them. You can help them grow in maturity by allowing them to deal with day to day concerns: encourage them talk to the professor, contact the Wellness Center, or take responsibility for the consequences of an action. Please don’t do it for them. There are many people available to support and help them along the way. We are here to help your student develop into a healthy, responsible adult. Every time a student accepts responsibility to resolve an issue or correct a behavior, a small step on the path to Christian maturity occurs.

    Attached is some important information for parents and new students about various opportunities and responsibilities that students will encounter this coming year. Students will receive further communication about this information throughout the year. This summary may be helpful to you as parents in guiding your student through this first year. But remember—let your student be responsible!

    Catherine Heck Signiture

    Catherine Heck
    Assistant Vice President of Student Life

    Applying to be a Resident Assistant (RA)

    Applications for the Resident Assistant (RA) position are available each October. Students are sent an email with an RA Application attached. The application is also available in the Student Life Office (top floor of the JC Williams Center). Students applying for the position must meet the criteria stated in the application. The completed applications are due back to the Student Life Office at the beginning of December. Resident Assistant compensation (first year RA) is a financial waiver equivalent to 80% of room and board expenses (excluding the Nineteen plus meal plan), plus a stipend of $50 per semester and a private room for the cost of a double room.

    Applying for a Junior/Senior Leadership

    In late January of each year, Juniors and Seniors are sent an email inviting them to apply for a Junior/Senior Leadership Housing Grant. The application is also available in the Student Life Office (top floor of the JC Williams Center). Students applying for the position must meet the criteria stated in the application. The completed applications are due back to the Student Life Office at the beginning of March. The amount of the grant awarded is based on the number of applications received and criteria stated on the form. Students must live in a residence hall for the entire year; students going to Austria or planning to live in Assisi Heights are not eligible.

    Arrivals and Departures

    Students should arrive on campus during the hours published in the Student Handbook and on the Important Dates, which are printed on the back of the housing assignment the student receives in mid-July. Early arrivals are not permitted. Late arrivals should notify the director of their residence hall or Assisi Heights Neighborhood Coordinator. Due to staffing requirements, late arrivals are subject to fees.

    At the end of the fall and spring semesters, students must leave the residence halls within 24 hours of their last exam. Exam schedules are available during the first week of classes. Due to staffing requirements, there is a charge added to the student’s account for late departure. ALL students must vacate the halls before noon on the published day of hall closure.

    Damages and Fines - End of Each Semester

    When students check into their rooms each semester, it is very important for them to complete a Room Inventory Form, noting any damage to the room seen prior to the student moving in. After each semester, every room on campus and each apartment are inspected by the Residence Directors and a charge for any damage found in the room is added to the student’s account.

    Any fines for policy violations at the end of the semester are also added to the student’s account.

    A letter is sent to every student who has damage charges or fines added to their account. Students must appeal any damage charge or fine in writing by sending a letter or email to the Residence Director by the date specified in the letter. Students who use the Express Check Out are not able to dispute their charges.

    Franciscan University's Email

    Students are strongly encouraged to read the email sent to their University email address. The Student Life department sends important information only to the student’s University email address.

    Students are responsible for all information and notifications communicated to them through their University email address.

    Housing Accommodations

    Students who have a medical condition requiring a housing accommodation (such as an ADA accessible shower, air conditioning, or a hall with an elevator) must apply for an accommodation through the Student Academic Support Services in Egan Hall.

    The necessary forms (for the student and their physician to complete) can be downloaded at the Franciscan University website. Under the search bar, type disability forms. Completed accommodation forms and physician paperwork for returning students are due by April 1st of each year. You may contact Rose Kline at RKline@franciscan.edu or at (740) 284-5358 for more information.

    Housing Fair

    A Housing Fair is held each April to secure housing for the next academic year. ALL current residents are required to attend. The Housing Fair date is available in the Student Handbook the day students arrive each fall. Failure to attend the Housing Fair results in a fine being applied to the student’s account. Students who cannot attend the Housing Fair due to other obligations will be housed after the Housing Fair. If no spaces remain, the student will be placed on a wait list for housing and will be housed when space becomes available.

    Students who are graduating must notify Student Life that they are graduating to be excused from the Housing Fair and avoid being fined.

    In order to secure their housing at the Housing Fair, every student needs to complete these requirements:

    • The student must pay a $250 Housing Deposit
    • The student's spring bill must be paid in full. (Students on the payment plan are considered to be paid in full).
    • The student must be registered for full-time hours (undergraduate students - 12 hours, graduate students - 9 hours).

    Students are required to bring a copy of their Housing Deposit receipt and a copy of their schedule to the Housing Fair to receive housing.

    Students receive several email reminders about this process and signs are posted in every residence hall and Assisi Heights.

    The Housing Deposit is due by April 1st each year. Parents will not receive a bill. The deposit can be paid in several different ways.

    • By check (payable to Franciscan University) – The student will need to print out their student account showing the payment and bring it with them to the Housing Fair, unless they get a receipt when they pay the deposit.
      • Students can take a check to the cashier's counter in Starvaggi Hall.
      • A check can be mailed to
        Student Accounts
        Franciscan University
        1235 University Blvd.
        Steubenville, OH 43952
    • Online by Credit Card (the University does not accept VISA)
      • On the home page of the University's website (Franciscan.edu) - in the search box, type ECHASHIER
        • Select Payment Options - Franciscan University of Steubenville
        • Under Electronic Payments - select Make a one-time payment
        • Click on the Proceed button
        • Fill in all the necessary fields
        • Near the bottom the the page under Payment Options, Select Fall Pay in Full from the dropdown box and enter $250 as the amount being paid.
        • Complete the page and click on the Proceed button
        • Follow the steps to complete your payment

    Mandatory All Hall Meeting

    Students in the residence halls and Assisi Heights are required to attend any scheduled mandatory all hall meeting. The date, time and location of each hall’s meeting are published in the Student Handbook. Students failing to attend a mandatory meeting are accessed a fine.

    Meal Plans

    All students living in a residence hall are required to have a full (Nineteen, Nineteen Plus, Fourteen Plus, Senior) meal plan. Students may only choose a meal plan they are eligible for by credit. Please see the University website for meal plan choices.

    Students may change their meal plan to another meal plan (for which they are eligible) until 4:30 p.m. on the first Friday of classes each semester. Meal plan change forms are available in the Student Life Office, in the cafeteria and at the cashier’s counter in Starvaggi Hall.

    We realize that some students may have special dietary needs. Please see the Dietary Accommodation Policy on the website or contact Joan McGlone at JMcGlone@franciscan.edu for more information.

    Moving Off Campus

    Our Residency Requirement

    Franciscan University of Steubenville requires that all full-time students who are candidates for an undergraduate degree must live in University housing while enrolled at Franciscan University of Steubenville unless they meet one or more of the following conditions:

    They reside with a parent or guardian in the immediate area, or They are at least age 21 prior to September 15 of a given academic year and have more than 88 credits, or They have reached age 22 prior to September 15 of a given academic year.

    Once a student has lived on campus, they are required to submit an Off Campus Exception Form, be approved, and attend a mandatory Off Campus Safety Seminar prior to moving off campus. This form can be found on the website or can be picked up in the Student Life Office (top floor of the JC Williams Center). The form is due at the beginning of April for planning to move off campus during the fall or spring semester of the following academic year. Students should not sign a lease prior to receiving approval to move off campus.


    Franciscan University housing requires roommate requests to be reciprocal before they can be considered. If only one of the roommates requests the other, we will not honor the request. Roommate requests are not guaranteed, but we will honor requests if we are able to do so.

    Roommate Conflicts

    Sometimes, roommates (whether chosen by a student or assigned) do not get along well together. If this happens, it is important that parents allow their student to resolve the conflict themselves. The student should follow these steps to try to resolve the conflict.

    • Speak directly to your roommate and try to offer resolutions. Be prepared to listen and to compromise.
    • Speak to your Resident Assistant (RA) and ask them to intervene by holding a meeting with both roommates to try to resolve the problem.
    • Speak to your Residence Director (RD). They will act as an arbitrator to try to resolve problems.

    **If the first three steps fail, the Assistant Vice President of Student Life may get involved.**

    Special Housing (St. Thomas More suites and lofts, Assisi Heights

    Housing in the St. Thomas More suites and lofts is available to groups of female students by application. The application is emailed to students in February and is also available in the Student Life Office (top floor of the JC Williams Center). The criteria for receiving housing in the suites and lofts and the deadline to apply are listed on the form.

    Housing in the Assisi Heights apartments is available to groups by application in February. Groups made up completely of senior students will be invited to apply for the available apartments. If apartments remain after all senior groups have been housed, groups made up of seniors and juniors will be invited to apply. No sophomore or freshman students may apply to live in Assisi Heights, unless they are 22 years old or older.

    All groups applying for Assisi Heights will be assigned a score based on the groups cumulative age, number of credits achieved, and the number of students residing on campus both semesters. Apartments will be assigned to the groups with the highest scores.

    Students wishing to apply for Assisi Heights should attend an informational meeting. The date of the meeting will be sent by email to all eligible students prior to the start of the application process.

    Student Handbook

    Each student receives a Student Handbook upon their arrival. Students are responsible for following the University’s Policies and Regulations, found in the Student Handbook. Residence Hall policies are also available on the University’s website.

    Student Life Bulletin

    The Student Life Office sends a weekly Student Life Bulletin to each student’s University email address. The Bulletin has important information about upcoming events. Students are strongly encouraged to read the Bulletin each week.


    As a courtesy to new students and their parents, Franciscan University provides transportation from the Pittsburgh airport during Orientation. Students must provide their own transportation to and from the airport at all other times. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange transportation. Some options for transportation to and from the Pittsburgh International Airport:

    • Checker Transportation: (740) 283-1757 – charges apply
    • Airport Sedan Service: (412) 401-5466 – charges apply
    • Majesty Company: (412) 462-4858 – charges apply
    • Check with other students – they may be willing to provide a ride, or be willing to share costs
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