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Magnificat Editor Speaks on Mary

His talk looked at the close relationship between Mariology and Christology.

Posted: Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Fr. Peter John Cameron, OP, discusses how Christ gave us a mother in Mary.

Fr. Cameron discusses the importance and value of the encounter with Mary.

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STEUBENVILLE, OH—In the last Distinguished Speakers Series presentation for 2010 at Franciscan University, Father Peter John Cameron, OP, editor-in-chief of Magnificat, described how “Christ Leads Us to His Mother" on the evening of November 30 to a crowded room.

He explained that the lecture's title is a quote from the late Pope John Paul II, who developed a devotion to the Mother of God in his youth. "I was already completely convinced," said John Paul II in Gift and Mystery, "that Mary leads us to Christ, but at the time I realized that Christ also leads us to his Mother."

"The reason is because we forget him, or we neglect him, or we reduce him," said Father Cameron, author of Mysteries of the Virgin Mary: Living Our Lady's Graces, "and so Our Lord wanted to give us a sure means—if we can use such a meager word of Our Lady, the greatest creature ever made—to guarantee that we would live this awareness of Our Lord."

Father Cameron, also the founder and artistic director of the Blackfriars Repertory Theatre, explained that Marian devotion is necessary because, as "St. Louis de Montfort says in True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, lack of knowledge of Christ is linked to lack of knowledge of Mary."

And the lack of knowledge of Christ is prevalent in modern society, he said, pointing to surveys that show that many self-identified Catholics don't believe in the Real Presence, attend Mass, or keep Scripture as a formative center for their lives. "They are forgetful of Christ….There's something about the Word of God that is not being understood or appreciated."

Father Cameron pointed out that Pope Benedict XVI has appealed to scholars "to study the relationship between Mariology and the theology of the Word" in the recent apostolic exhortation Verbum Domini.

He then summarized the connections between the theology of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the theology of the Word of God, especially in the context of what her motherhood reveals about God's saving plan for the world.

"I always say that if Christ's message or example [alone] could have saved us, God the Father would not have sent his Son," said Father Cameron. "He would have sent a memo."

Treasuring and commemorating Mary as Mother of the person Jesus Christ, said Father Cameron, ensures we never forget that Jesus saves us by his person and Incarnation, not by his moral instruction.

Father Cameron has written several books, including The Classics of Catholic Spirituality and Jesus, Present Before Me: Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration, as well as more than a dozen plays.

Sponsored by the Franciscan University Advancement Office and Franciscan University Student Government, the Distinguished Speakers Series features leaders recognized for exemplary service to the Church and society.

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