Graduate Philosophy

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Rooted in tradition, engaging the present.

Rooted in the Western philosophical tradition, the MA philosophy program will give you a firm foundation in the Augustinian, Thomistic, and Franciscan schools of thought. At the same time, since the philosophers of the program take seriously all that has happened in modern and contemporary philosophy, you will also explore more recent trends in philosophy, with special attention given to phenomenology, the philosophy of the human person, and the issues of personalist ethics.

Bioethics Concentration

Our program also features an optional concentration in bioethics through our Institute of Bioethics. This course of study takes special note of the relationship between biotechnological breakthroughs and the dignity of the human person, preparing graduates to contribute to building up the culture of life.

Faith & Reason

Philosophy is a work of reason and does not base itself upon faith and revelation. At the same time, the philosophers of the program recognize that reason and faith stand in positive relation to each other. Faith cannot contradict reason and, in fact, provides a fertile soil for the development of philosophical wisdom and insight, suggesting fruitful hypotheses, important questions, and paths of inquiry. In turn, reason helps render the mysteries of faith more understandable and increases our ability to communicate with others about those mysteries.

In his encyclical Fides et Ratio Pope St. John Paul II called on philosophers to help restore the proper relationship between faith and reason. The faculty of Franciscan University takes his call seriously, and our program reflects that.

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