Kartause Maria Thronus Iesu

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The Kartause Maria Thronus Iesu nestled in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.


Home away, far away, from home

The four-story Fraziskus Haus serves as the residence hall for the 160 to 200 Franciscan students studying at the Kartause in Gaming. Originally built in 1625, it was renovated in the mid 1980s, completed well before Franciscan began sending students to the Kartause in 1991. Each room is unique, with double, triple, and quintuple occupancy arrangements. Each room has a private bath; each floor shares a small tea kitchen; and two computer labs, a fitness room and a laundry room serve the entire hall. Mail boxes in the main lobby makes receiving mail and packages from home simple.

Photos from Gaming

Kartause Gaming: Courtyard - Click to enlarge Fitness Room - Click to enlarge   A sample of the rooms (each is different) - Click to enlarge  
Courtyard Fitness Room   A sample Room
(each is different)
Kartause Gaming: Interior - Click to enlarge Classrom Building: Exterior - Click to enlarge Franziskus Haus Lobby - Click to enlarge
Chapel   Classroom Building   Franziskus Haus Lobby  

History of the Kartause

Founded in 1330 by Duke Albrecht II of Hapsburg, the Kartause Maria Thronus Iesu became home to a thriving Carthusian community and enjoyed a reputation as a key spiritual center of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries. It fell into ruin in the early eighteenth century, changed owners several times, and then was sold to Austrian Architect Walter Hildebrand in 1983.

Since then, the magnificent frescos that earned the monastery the title, "Sistine Chapel of the North," have been restored to their original grandeur. So too have the splendid courtyards and chapels, and indeed, the entire complex.

Architect Hildebrand not only envisioned returning the monastery to its former architectural beauty, but to its spiritual significance as well. His dream was to make the Kartause a center for spiritual and intellectual learning, especially for Central and Eastern European students. Today, Franciscan University students share the Kartause with Language and Catechetical Institute students from former Communist countries.

The programs housed at the Kartause give Franciscan University’s semester abroad program a rich international dimension unlike any other. Students from 10 to 15 countries are incorporated into an intellectual community with a common bond of language and faith.

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