• Teaching is an art, not a science. A great knowledge of the subject matter doesn’t help your students if you don’t know how to present it in the classroom. You also must know how to tap into your students’ lives and know how they think, how they struggle, where their passions lie, and how cultural influences affect them.

    Education majors at Franciscan University learn the art of teaching the whole person: opening minds with truth and forming hearts through a loving concern. In your classes you will learn how to bring the rich Catholic understanding of human dignity into every teaching situation, helping your students be formed in body, mind, and spirit.

    Franciscan offers four different licensure programs: early childhood, middle childhood, adolescent to young adult, and intervention specialist (mild/moderate needs). Each program deals with the challenges faced by that particular group and how to help those students. All of the programs cover the basics of running a class, as well as philosophies of education techniques and approaches, and how to navigate different school environments.

    Field experience begin early in the program, where you get to see put into action the theories you learn in the classroom. The many andvaried classrooms you observe through the years, along with student teaching during your final senior semester provide you a healthy base of experience to draw upon down the road.

    The total program includes 36 hours of class work in education classes, followed by the Teacher Education Program. This program is rigorous. It will require a serious commitment of your time and energy, but the rewards are well worth the hours spent. Our graduates leave prepared to face the challenges of education, and to guide their students to develop intellectually, morally, and spiritually.

    Sample Program | Course Descriptions

    First Semester Second Semester
    Introduction to Exceptional Individuals MENG 103, 104 or 225 Fresh English I, II or Advanced Comp I
    Pre-Field Seminar Studies in Poetry or Fiction or Drama
    Foundations of Education History of US II
    Computers/Instructional Tech Amr Pol Trad, Colnl Amr, or Amr Ind. to Civil War
    History of the U S I Literature Core
    MTH 121 or 122 Math Erly/Mid TchrI/II  
    First Semester Second Semester
    Early Field Experience I Principles of Economics I
    Survey of Biology American Lit to 1865
    African Amer Exper or Women Writers HST 105 or 106 History of Civil I or II
    Phonics & History of Language Christian Moral Principles
    Geography & Environment Theology Core
    Adolescent Psychology  
    First Semester Second Semester
    Early Experience II Middle School Meth/Mngt
    Child & Adolescent Literature Rhetoric
    Content Area Reading Grammar/Teaching Meth.
    Teaching Reading Foundations of Ethics
    Teaching Writing as a Process Survey Physical Science
    Race & Minority  
    First Semester Second Semester
    Field Service & Prof Dev Teaching Strategies
    Teaching Language Arts Mid Child Student Teaching
    Reading Diagnosis & Assess Student Teaching Seminar
    Teaching Integrated Social Studies for Middle & Adolescent Grades  
    American National Government  
    Educational Psychology  

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