• Chemistry Classes

    CHM 105

    POLLUTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT considers the problems of a technical society: air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse effect, acid rain, radon contamination, and ozone shield depletion. The fundamental chemistry and physics necessary for understanding these problems will be presented on a level appropriate for the non-science major. (Natural Science Core)
    3 credit hours

    CHM 110

    GENERAL CHEMISTRY WITH BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL APPLICATIONS provides foundational chemical concepts particularly pertinent to students pursuing careers in nursing and in middle childhood education. Topics include matter, measurements, atoms, bonds, moles, solids/liquids/gases, solutions, reactions, acids/bases/salts, and nuclear chemistry. Laboratory work reinforces and applies lecture material and includes computer-based data acquisition and analysis. Three lecture and one 3-hour laboratory periods per week. (Natural Science Core)
    4 credit hours

    CHM 111-112

    INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY I & II provide chemistry and biology majors and education majors seeking Adolescent/Young Adult Licensure with a comprehensive study of nature’s building block, the atom. A knowledge of the construction of the atom, the way in which it combines, and the theories and laws that describe these phenomena is essential to the understanding of chemistry. Introducing this knowledge is the basis of this course. Laboratory problems are designed to acquaint students with the quantitative techniques of the science and the techniques of qualitative inorganic analysis. Three lecture and one 3-hour laboratory periods per week. (Natural Science Core)
    4 credit hours per semester

    CHM 114

    INTRODUCTORY PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY offers a survey of organic chemistry followed by an introduction to biochemistry within the context of human physiological chemistry. This course is essential for students in the allied health fields, who require a background in the chemistry of the human body. Three lecture and one 3-hour laboratory periods per week. (Natural Science Core)
    Prerequisite: CHM 110 or 111
    4 credit hours

    CHM 203-204

    ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I & II study functional group reactivity and synthetic procedures in order to introduce students to the chemistry of carbon compounds. Three lecture and one four-hour laboratory periods per week.
    Prerequisites: CHM 111-112
    4 credit hours per semester

    CHM 225

    QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS introduces statistical methods as applied to laboratory data; explores theoretical and practical aspects of volumetric and gravimetric analytical procedures; and concludes with an overview of electrochemical, spectrometric, and chromatographic instrumental methods. Laboratory work develops students’ skills in these areas and includes using a transducer interfaced to a computer for data acquisition and analysis. A knowledge of these theories and methods is essential to the application of chemistry in many fields. Two lecture and two 3-hour laboratory periods per week.
    Prerequisites: MTH 161; CHM 204
    4 credit hours

    CHM 321-322

    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY I & II consider the various theories and laws that chemists have formulated and developed. This study aids in the understanding of the reactivity and behavior of chemical elements and compounds. A study of the law of thermodynamics, kinetics, atomic structure, and intermolecular and intramolecular structures is the basis of this course. Three lecture and one 4-hour laboratory periods per week.
    Prerequisites: CHM 203-204; MTH 265
    4 credits per semester

    CHM 400

    INTERNSHIP is a work-experience opportunity with the purpose of expanding education by applying ACCumulated knowledge in Chemistry. The availability of internships is limited to upper-level students, normally juniors and seniors with a 2.5 quality point average. Students are approved individually by the academic department. A contract can be obtained from the Career Planning and Services Office in Starvaggi Hall. Internships count as general electives.
    Prerequisite: Chemistry Senior standing and permission of the department chair.
    Internships must be preapproved.
    1-6 credit hours

    CHM 412

    INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS delves into the theoretical and practical aspects of chromatographic, electrochemical, and spectrometric methods of analysis. Statistics and computer applications are also included. Two lecture and two laboratory periods per week.
    Prerequisite: Departmental permission
    4 credit hours

    CHM 413

    ADVANCED INORGANIC CHEMISTRY I uses modern atomic and molecular theories to understand the chemistry of all the elements of the universe. Quantum mechanics and group theory are used to probe the secrets of magnetism and color of the d and f elements.
    Prerequisite: CHM 204 or departmental permission
    3 credit hours

    CHM 414

    ADVANCED INORGANIC CHEMISTRY II continues the study of inorganic chemistry by focusing on main group chemistry, transition metals, lanthanides, actinides, and organometallic chemistry.
    Prerequisite: CHM 204 or departmental permission
    3 credit hours

    CHM 431

    ADVANCED ORGANIC CHEMISTRY investigates an understanding of the reactions of organic compounds via a study of the structure of these compounds and the mechanisms of the reactions they undergo. Three lecture periods per week.
    Prerequisite: Departmental permission
    3 credit hours

    CHM 434

    CHEMISTRY THESIS requires the preparation of a scholarly treatise on an assigned topic in chemistry. The topic is typically the research project of CHM 437.
    1 credit hour

    CHM 437

    SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN CHEMISTRY provides the student with the opportunity to pursue a research project. Students will choose a research project that is of special interest to them, then conduct laboratory experiments of their own design after consultation with the chemistry faculty.
    Prerequisites: CHM 321-322
    3 credit hours

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