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    CAT 120

    INTRODUCTION TO CATECHETICS provides foundational material for further work in catechetics. It is comprised of a detailed study of Pope John Paul II‘s document ―On the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and In the World‖ (Christefidelis Laici) followed by an overview of topics pertinent to future catechetical ministry. Students are provided with opportunities to formally address the class and participate in on-site visitations to observe various catechetical ministries.
    Prerequisite: THE 101
    3 credit hours

    CAT 180

    ART OF CATECHETICAL SPEAKING is a course that teaches students how to always present doctrine in reference to ―the love that never ends‖. Students will study basic speech communication skills, discover ways to make Scripture ―come alive,‖ and be given many opportunities to give catechetical presentations. This class is also an excellent opportunity for students who struggle with speaking anxiety. The course is graded as Pass/Fail.
    For CAT Majors only
    3 credit hours

    CAT 190

    INTRODUCTION TO SIGN LANGUAGE I is designed to introduce students to American Sign Language. The students will develop a basic sign language vocabulary, with the ability to form simple sentences, as well as common phrases and some idioms. They will also learn about the characteristics of the Deaf Community in the United States. 
    Cross-listed with EDU 190
    1 credit hour

    CAT 191

    INTRODUCTION TO SIGN LANGUAGE II is a continuation of Introduction to Sign Language I. The students will add to their sign vocabulary, progressing to storytelling. In addition, students will receive an introduction to American Sign Language grammar. They will also gain a deeper knowledge of the Deaf Community.
    Cross-listed with EDU 191
    1 credit hour

    CAT 204

    CATECHETICS provides an introduction to the history, methods and contemporary practice in catechetics. The Church‘s catechetical documents are studied in depth providing the necessary foundations for the other religious courses. Catechetical skills will be developed by analyzing specific doctrines in order to learn how to handle them in catechetical presentations, determining what is essential in presenting a catechesis that is systematic and organic. In addition, the students will be introduced to the life and educational practice of St. John Bosco. For CAT majors only.
    Pre/Co-requisite: CAT 120
    3 credit hours

    CAT 301

    CATECHETICAL CONTENT AND CURRICULUM will specifically address the content of catechesis, the Deposit of Faith. It will explore magisterial guidance on the characteristics of the content, its integrity, organic unity, and the need for its systematic delivery. Kerygmatic catechesis will be presented as the delivery system for doctrine. The right ordering of catechetical material will be presented and exercise in the development of curricula will be provided. Finally, the process of analyzing doctrine for the purpose of delivering it more effectively will be explained and demonstrated for various individual doctrines. For CAT majors only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 204
    3 credit hours

    CAT 302

    SCRIPTURAL FOUNDATIONS OF CATECHETICS teaches students to see how Catholic doctrine is driven by Scripture, and how to effectively use the Bible in catechesis. Students will get a catechetical overview of Scripture and be challenged to come up with creative ways to use Scripture in different catechetical settings. For CAT majors only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 204
    3 credit hours

    CAT 303

    CATECHETICAL SAINTS is designed to offer a deeper understanding of the content and methodology of catechesis through an historical study of saints whose lives were spent catechizing. Students will come to understand that while the method of catechesis has changed to meet the needs of the specific time, the content has remained the same. In order to fully understand this, the course will address the concept of the development of doctrine. For CAT majors only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 204 and CAT 301
    3 credit hours

    CAT 304

    THE CATECHUMENATE AND THE RCIA focuses on the restoration of the Catechumenate, one of the major directives of the Second Vatican Council. This course will begin with a study of the ancient catechumenal origins of the modern RCIA. It will then look at the restoration, which resulted in the Christian Initiation process of today. Using recent magisterial documents and other sources, the actual conversion process will then be examined. Finally, various special topics in the catechumenal process such as evangelization, annulments, children and teens, spiritual direction, ecumenism and more will be discussed.
    3 credit hours

    CAT 305

    TEACHING SCRIPTURE IN A CATECHETICAL FRAMEWORK has a two-fold objective. First, the course explains the four-fold framework for teaching Scripture to conversion and biblical catechesis: 1) A Theology of Revelation, the horizontal foundation; 2) A Divine Pedagogy of Salvation History, one side of the framework rising out of the foundations; 3) The Interpretation of the Senses of Scripture, the other vertical side of the framework; 4) Theologia (Mystery) and Oikonomia (Story) the capstone of the framework, the ―narratio‖ of biblical salvation history. Second, the course teaches the skills for teaching to conversion and biblical catechesis and exercises the student in these skills.
    3 credit hours

    CAT 310

    PARISH AND PERSONAL EVANGELIZATION studies the vision of Catholic evangelization as put forth in such encyclicals and documents as Evangelii Nuntiandi, Redemptoris Missio, and the General Directory for Catechesis, as well as other writings. Building on that vision, the class will study how to evangelize others on a personal and parish level, using the goals and objectives set forth by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops in Go and Make Disciples as a framework.
    3 credit hours

    CAT 311

    YOUTH MINISTRY I identifies the basic principles of ministering to youth (ages 12-18) as set forth by the National Conference of Catholic Bishop‘s document, ―Renewing the Vision.‖ The class studies the history of the youth culture and youth ministry, especially as it pertains to the United States. Students in the class will learn about techniques for evangelizing teens, how to systematically catechize through youth ministry settings, and will review various national Catholic youth ministry programs.
    3 credit hours

    CAT 400

    CATECHETICAL INTERNSHIP is a work-experience opportunity with the purpose of expanding education by applying accumulated knowledge in Catechesis. The availability of internships is limited to upper-level students, normally seniors with a 3.0 quality point average. Students are approved individually by the academic department. A contract can be obtained from the Career Planning and Services Office in Starvaggi Hall. Internships count as general electives. For CAT majors only.
    Internships must be preapproved.
    3 credit hours

    CAT 401

    CATECHETICAL METHODS I introduces principles of faith development combined with evangelization in order to encourage continuing conversion as the goal of all religious education. This course includes learning styles and methods, communication skills, lesson planning, and related techniques needed by the teacher of the faith. For CAT majors only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 301
    3 credit hours

    CAT 402

    CATECHETICAL METHODS II follows Catechetical Methods I and includes evaluation and use of religious education materials: textbooks, audio-visual aids, and other resources. There will be in-class applications and practice for use in all teaching ministries in the Church. In addition, a survey of the planning and administration of religious education program is provided. For CAT majors only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 401
    3 credit hours

    CAT 405

    CATECHETICAL MINISTRIES IN THE CHURCH presents a survey of the elements and the content for each area of catechetical ministries in the Church, such as teaching in Catholic schools, RCIA, adult faith formation, parish catechetical programs, youth ministry, campus ministry, and others. For CAT major only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 401
    3 credit hours

    CAT 410

    YOUTH MINISTRY II is focused on preparing a student for full time professional work in the field of youth ministry. In addition to developing deeper insight into ways of ministering to youth (based on the principles studied in Youth Ministry I), this course also looks at recruiting and developing volunteers, dealing with teens in crisis situation, and the common challenges youth ministers face when working in parish and diocesan environments. Enrollment is restricted to students in the Youth Ministry Concentration. For CAT majors in the Youth Ministry concentration only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 310 and 311
    3 credit hours

    CAT 411

    YOUTH MINISTRY METHODS provides students the opportunity to give numerous presentations and prepare actionable plans in the field of youth ministry. The class will study large and small group meetings, retreats, discussion groups, and volunteer development, as well as building a comprehensive, multi-year program for youth that would get them involved in service experiences and leadership opportunities. For CAT majors in the Youth Ministry concentration only.
    Prerequisite: CAT 410
    3 credit hours

    CAT 412

    YOUTH MINISTRY INTERNSHIP is an opportunity for students to experience the many facets of full time professional youth ministry, and discern whether or not this ministry is right for them. Students are required to do a six-week internship at a Catholic parish that has a full time youth minister and an active youth ministry program. For CAT majors only.
    3 credit hours

    CAT 415

    MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION IN THE PARISH AND DIOCESE is designed to be proximate preparation for entry into the professional catechetical field. This course will be a survey of administrative, management, personal and public relations, leadership, policy, legal, and professional development topics from a gospel perspective for the purpose of facilitating a successful transition to a parish or diocesan position within the Church.
    Prerequisite: Senior status
    3 credit hours

    CAT 420

    CATECHETICS PRACTIUM is designed to assist students in the proximate preparation for entrance into the professional catechetical field. This class meets once a week for discussion and practical application (doctrinal and pastoral) of the theoretical content and methods learned in the Theology and Catechetics courses. The majority of the credit hours are earned through the assigned catechetical fieldwork. This course will expose students to actual catechetical opportunities in local Catholic schools and parish based ministries such as PSR, junior high and high school youth group, RCIA and other adult education opportunities.
    Prerequisite: CAT 204
    2 credit hours

    CAT 430

    TEACHING IN A CATHOLIC SCHOOL will apply the principles of catechesis specifically to the high school classroom setting. Students will learn to teach for understanding of the Mystery of Christ and for conversion to the person of Christ through discussion and practical assignments related to the following topics: (1) The Church’s vision of the mission of a Catholic school; (2) Crafting lesson plans, assignments, and tests, for students of varied abilities and learning styles; (3) Developing classroom management policies and procedures; (4) Navigating relationships with students, parents, faculty, administration and parish/diocese.
    Prerequisite: CAT 204
    3 credit hours

    CAT 434/CAT 435

    SENIOR THESIS or SEMINAR is the capstone experience for the CAT major. Students may choose between doing a scholarly thesis paper on a catechetical topic, or doing an in-depth catechetical presentation. This paper/presentation should be reflective of the particular field of catechetics in which the student would like to do ministry.
    Prerequisite: CAT 401
    3 credit hours

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