• Department of Humanities &
    Catholic Social Thought

  • Human Life Studies Minor


    HLS 201

    HUMAN LIFE STUDIES I: LIFE ISSUES AND HUMAN DIGNITY explores the social, historical, political, and ethical dimensions of contraception, abortion, and euthanasia in light of the dignity of the human person. These and other life issues such as reproductive technology, suicide, chemical dependency, capital punishment, war, and social and environmental questions shall be considered within the framework of the natural law and the teachings of the Catholic Church as these transform a culture of death into a civilization of truth and love. Required for the HLS minor.
    Prerequisite: PHL 212 or THE 115
    3 credit hours

    HLS 202

    HUMAN LIFE STUDIES II: LIFE ISSUES AND THE FAMILY explores the social, historical, political, and ethical dimensions of the family and the inalienable rights and duties of parents, which are beset today by such social forces as divorce, homosexuality, radical feminism, population control, eugenics, and State control of the family. An appreciation of the family and the duties and rights of parents is central to respect for the dignity of human life. Required for the HLS minor.
    Prerequisites: PHL 113 and PHL 212 or THE 115
    3 credit hours

    HLS 301

    HUMAN LIFE STUDIES III: LIFE ISSUES AND THE LAW examines the natural law and developing American law in such areas as contraception, abortion, homosexuality, reproductive technology, euthanasia, civil disobedience, capital punishment, school law, child abuse, and parental rights. Freedom of religion, free speech, and freedom of assembly will also be examined in their relation to the life issues. Developments in American law are analyzed in light of the natural law and the social teachings of the Catholic Church. Required for the HLS minor.
    (Note: It is recommended that students take POL 358 American Constitutional Law before taking HLS 301 or take both courses concurrently.)
    Prerequisites: PHL 113 and 212 or THE 115
    3 credit hours

    HLS 401

    HUMAN LIFE STUDIES: SELECTED THEMES treats in-depth a particular area or subject within the domain of human life studies. This course provides a more extensive examination of one or more of the areas introduced in the other HLS courses. This course may be repeated for credit if the topic is different from when previously taken.
    Prerequisites: Varies according to topic; students should check with the HLS Program Director
    3 credit hours

    HLS 407

    HUMAN LIFE STUDIES: INTERNSHIP allows the student the opportunity to acquire practical skills and experience in the pro-life/pro-family apostolate through a practicum and by serving with a pro-life/pro-family organization supportive of the mission of Catholic Church and the natural law as approved by the HLS Program director. This course may be repeated for up to 6 hours of credit.
    Prerequisite: HLS minors who have completed HLS 201 or HLS 202 or HLS 301 or permission of the HLS Program director
    1-6 credit hours

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