• Social Work Classes

    SWK 203

    INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK introduces the student to the profession of social work, its history, philosophy, values and ethics, and fields of practice. The course also explains the relationship between social work and social welfare. Special focus is given to cultural and human diversity and at-risk populations that social workers serve and why social workers promote social and economic justice. The course also addresses the ethical code of conduct for social workers and its implications for social work practice.
    This course is required for Social Work majors and some Education majors.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 205

    SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY & SERVICES I focuses on the political, social, and economic forces that influence the historical evolution of social welfare policy. Specifically the course will examine the treatment of poor people, minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and other historically vulnerable persons. Societal values that support or deter the development of health and social services will be explored.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 210

    HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT I analyzes the growth and development of the individual in the environment from birth through old age. Emphasis is placed on knowledge of the biological, psychological, cultural, spiritual and social forces, which influence human development. Application of course content is made in reference to social work practice.
    Prerequisites: BIO 133 & 134, SOC 101, PSY 105, SWK 203
    3 credit hours

    SWK 307

    GENERALIST PRACTICE I is the first of the three required practice courses. The course prepares students for generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, communities, various diverse populations, and organizations. The course introduces the planned change process and focuses on communication, relationship, and assessment skills and goal planning necessary for generalist practice.
    This course is restricted to Social Work majors.
    Prerequisites: SWK 203, 205, & 210
    3 credit hours

    SWK 308

    GENERALIST PRACTICE II as a continuation of Generalist Practice I, focuses on generalist practice with families and groups. Students will examine various types of families and groups, and obtain the skills and knowledge needed to practice at the mezzo level of intervention. Special attention is given to practice involving diverse populations and those at risk of poverty and discrimination. This course is restricted to Social Work majors.
    Prerequisites: SWK 203, 205, 210, & 307
    3 credit hours

    SWK 309

    RACE AND MINORITY is designed to help students understand the sociological and psychological consequences of being a certain race or minority member in a particular society. Students will understand the causes of racism and discrimination and will identify the welfare and policy responses to racism and discrimination. The topics of oppression and exploitation will be studied to help individuals develop sensitivity to at-risk populations.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 313

    SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH introduces students to basic research skills and knowledge, preparing them for lifelong learning and informed professional practice. Students will be introduced to the tools needed to understand, appreciate, evaluate, and apply the body of knowledge relevant to practice in social work and the social sciences. The practice of critical thinking will enable students to develop their abilities to evaluate research studies, apply findings to practice, and evaluate practice outcomes. Students will develop basic skills in problem formulation, methodology, design, data collection and analysis, understanding descriptive statistics, and drawing and evaluating conclusions. The course will also review ethical principles and practice related to social work research as defined by the NASW Code of Ethics.
    Prerequisites: PSY 204, SWK 203 & 205
    3 credit hours

    SWK 314

    DEVIANT BEHAVIOR examines the complexity of defining deviance and the influences on individuals engaged in deviant or diverse behaviors. The behaviors will be analyzed using micro and macro theories that explain difference and deviance. Students will be challenged to think about their own preconceptions as well as interventions that can be utilized in social work practice.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 315

    SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY & SERVICES II will link welfare policy with social work practice. Students will understand current social welfare policies and programs and the processes of policy formulation. Students will achieve skills in policy analysis that incorporates principles of social and economic justice.
    Prerequisites: SWK 205 & 307, ECO 201, & POL 220
    3 credit hours

    SWK 316

    SOCIAL WORK WITH THE ELDERLY focuses on social work intervention skills and knowledge for practice with the aging and elderly population. Students will examine and understand the developmental challenges associated with the aging process. Students will also understand the emotional, psychological, financial, spiritual and social factors associated with aging and ethical issues associated with intervention with the aged.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 317

    SOCIAL WORK IN MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH CARE SETTINGS will prepare students for professional social work employment in health care and behavioral health settings, including hospitals, inpatient and outpatient mental health settings, home health care, and nursing homes. Students will understand the emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and economic factors associated with mental and physical illness and health care. Students will learn skills needed for interventions with clients in health care settings.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 318

    WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS introduces the student to the unique considerations for intervention with children and adolescents. The course focuses on the practical application of material as well as the influence of social policy on practice and intervention. Debates, discussions, and videos are utilized to examine relevant, temporal issues and supplement lecture material as well as to provide opportunities for critical analysis.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 331

    HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT II analyzes human functioning from a social systems theoretical perspective including an analysis of functioning at the family, group, organizational, and community level. Course content will also include the contribution of culture, ethnicity, racial composition, gender, populations diverse in age, sexual orientation, spirituality, and disabilities on human functioning.
    Prerequisites: SWK 205, 210, & 307
    3 credit hours

    SWK 351

    SPIRITUALITY IN THE HELPING PROFESSIONS allows students to examine their faith and enhances awareness regarding how it influences their lives and others that they will serve as professionals. It will help students to understand and provide guidelines for how to use Catholic Social Teaching in their work with clients. It will also enhance awareness of other faith traditions and religions.
    Cross-listed with PSY 351
    Prerequisite: PSY 105 or SWK 203
    3 credit hours

    SWK 409

    GENERALIST PRACTICE III focuses on generalist practice with and in larger social systems such as organizations and communities. The goal of social and economic justice is sustained and attention is given to social system change with and on behalf of populations at risk of poverty and discrimination. This course uses student experiences in field placement to enhance understanding.
    This course is restricted to Social Work majors.
    Prerequisites: SWK 205, 210, 307, 308, 313, 315, & 331
    3 credit hours

    SWK 410

    FIELD PRACTICUM I complements the student’s academic work and allows the student to integrate this knowledge through applied social work services in community settings including child and family services, health care, corrections, school systems, shelters, and mental health settings. Under the supervision of a social work field supervisor and departmental social work faculty, the student implements the generalist perspective within applied settings integrating theory, research, and social work professional values and ethics. The student is required to attend a weekly seminar and complete a minimum of 200 clock hours of fieldwork.
    The course is taken concurrently with SWK 409 Generalist Practice III and enrollment is restricted to Social Work majors.
    Prerequisites: SWK 205, 210, 307, 308, 313, 315, & 331
    6 credit hours

    SWK 411

    FIELD PRACTICUM II is a continuation of Field Practicum I. Students are engaged in generalist practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. The student’s learning is guided by an agency-based social work supervisor and educationally directed and monitored by a department social work faculty member. A minimum of 200 hours is required in fieldwork. A weekly seminar facilitates integration of theory with field practice.
    Prerequisites: SWK 205, 210, 307, 308, 313, 315, 331, 409, & 410
    6 credit hours

    SWK 413

    DEATH, DYING, AND BEREAVEMENT focuses on the human experiences of loss and death. Skills are presented for personal coping and for professional work assisting others in dealing with loss. Various topics covered include death and children, death and the elderly, ethical issues of death and dying, care giving of the dying, and spiritual, financial, economic, and legal issues associated with death and dying.
    3 credit hours

    SWK 437

    SENIOR SOCIAL WORK CAPSTONE gives students the opportunity to review and critically analyze their professional social work education, including the liberal arts base. Assignments are utilized to assess how each student achieved program objectives. Oral presentations, group assignments and mock interviews are utilized to prepare students for professional practice and graduate school.
    This course is restricted to social work majors.
    Prerequisites: SWK 205, 210, 307, 308, 313, 315, 331, 409, & 410
    3 credit hours

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