Campus Security

Section V: Policies and Procedures Regarding Sexual Assault

Franciscan University of Steubenville, as a Catholic University, promotes respect for persons and the virtues of chastity and self-control in dress, speech, and conduct. All members of the University community are expected to act toward one another in a manner consistent with our values and mission. While the University does not condone any form of immoral or illegal sexual conduct, no one at the University should presume that the threat of sexual assault does not exist.

(See our entire Policy Against Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Other Forms of Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking)

Sexual Assault Awareness

Generally, sexual assault is any sexual act directed against another person, forcibly and/or against that person's will; or not forcibly or against the person's will where the victim is incapable of giving consent. It is an extreme form of sexual harassment and abuse, and will be considered a serious offense by the University. Sexual assault is proscribed behavior as per the Code of Student Conduct Section 3.24.

The Student Life Office distributes information regarding sexual assault to students at the beginning of each academic year, and the University has specific guidelines in place to deal with victims of sexual assault.

Procedures to Follow in the Event of Sexual Assault

The University strongly encourages any student who has been sexually assaulted either on or off campus to contact Catherine Heck, the Asst. Vice President of Student Life; Mary Jo Yanda, Counselor; Campus Security; or any Student Life professional staff member. If an individual becomes the victim of sexual assault, it is important to preserve evidence that may be needed for proof of criminal offense. The victim also has the option to notify local law enforcement officials, and University personnel will assist the victim with this process upon request.

Victim Services and Accommodations

Campus Counseling Services provides confidential counseling services to students who are victims of sexual assault. In addition, Campus Counseling Services can provide information regarding other off-campus resources for sexual assault victims.

The University will change a victim’s academic and living situations upon request, provided such options are reasonably available.

Campus Disciplinary Procedures

Should a victim choose to pursue on-campus disciplinary procedures, the Dean of Students or a designate shall speak with both the accused and the accuser separately, and if appropriate will refer the matter to the Discipline Board for a hearing as per the Code of Student Conduct. Sanctions up to and including dismissal from the University may be imposed. Both the accused and the accuser are entitled to the same opportunities to have others speak at the disciplinary proceeding. Furthermore, both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of the disciplinary proceeding.

Registered Sex Offenders

The campus community may obtain law enforcement agency information concerning registered sex offenders at

Important Phone Numbers

Student Life – 283-6441
Campus Counseling - 284-7217
Student Health Center - 284-7223
Campus Security - 283-6319
Campus Emergency - 9(911)

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