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    Pope John Paul II stated “I appeal to all who love freedom and justice to give a chance to all in need, to the poor and the powerless. Break open the hopeless cycles of poverty and ignorance that are still the lot of too many of our brothers and sisters.” This is the mission of social work graduates from Franciscan University of Steubenville. The work is difficult and the financial rewards are not always there but the intrinsic reward of helping those in need is always there. God is calling people to the front lines to stand-up for human dignity, to provide services to those in need whether it is financial or psychological. Cycles of poverty do not always mean financial poverty but can also mean emotional and psychological poverty as well as spiritual poverty.

    As a social work major at Franciscan University you will learn how to help men and women help themselves and overcome the obstacles that impact negatively on the well-being of people. You will learn how to communicate effectively, to counsel people, and provide with alternative choices that can positively impact their lives. You will understand what action people can take at the local, state and federal level to help those in need and you will receive a thorough education in the policies, rules and regulations governing the practice of social work.

    Because Franciscan University is committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church you will learn what the Church teaches about human dignity, what it has to say about government programs, community agencies, social and medical science. You will understand the Church’s call to serve and care for others. As the United States Bishops have stated : “We find God’s will for us not only in the work of Scripture and in the teaching of his Church but also in the issues and events of secular society.” Therefore you will have opportunities to become involved in nursing homes, detention centers, ministering to the poor, working in hospitals, and working with children and families.

    Franciscan University is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education which means your education meets the highest standards in the field of social work education. To graduate with a bachelor of science degree in social work from Franciscan University you need to complete 54 credit hours of course work in social work which includes 400 clock hours of internship work during your senior year at various agencies throughout the area. You also complete 3 hours in sociology, 6 hours in psychology, 6 hours in natural sciences, 6 hours in philosophy and at least 12 credit hours in theology.

    Your social work classes will cover topics such as: social work policies, theories of human behavior, integration of the biological, sociological and psychological variables that impact human behavior, issues of social justice, working with children and the elderly, death and dying and the institutions such family, religion, media, government and the educational systems that influence human behavior.

    The social work program at Franciscan takes a holistic approach in dealing with human beings and their problems. Our program incorporates the biological, sociological, psychological and spiritual components in understanding human behavior as well as the treatment of various difficulties one may have in living life. When you graduate you will be prepared to take the state license exam where state law permits it.

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