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College isn't all studying

Excite sponsors a variety of events such as concerts, movie nights, theme dinners, Franciscan Homecoming/Parents' Weekend festivities, trips to Pittsburgh and Wheeling, formal dances, and manner of events that complement the strong intellectual and spiritual life of our campus.

Upon application, Excite may offer limited financial support in order to assist student organizations and households in the planning and management of their programs and organizational activities directed toward meeting the wide variety of student needs and interests.

Join us!

Excite welcomes all students who wish to volunteer or participate in its sponsored events. Come to our meetings at 11:00 a.m. every Wednesday in the St. Margaret Room in the J.C. Williams Center. Further information about Excite is available at the Excite Office on the ground floor of the J.C. Williams Center.

Exc!te Upcoming Events

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