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Housing Process Summary for Students



Statement of Philosophy

Franciscan University is committed to housing students of each class status in every traditional residence hall so that upperclassmen may serve as peer mentors to underclassmen. Household life is an integral part of Franciscan University’s way of life, and the presence of a household on every wing is supported by the University housing process

Thus, first priority for housing is given to households (see below). Secondly, students who qualify for the Junior/Senior Leadership housing grant are placed in their requested hall. Other returning students seeking housing in the traditional residence halls are housed on a first come, first serve basis in the beds allotted for returning students during the Housing Fair. Students returning from Austria are housed after current main campus resident students.


Roomate Assignments for New Students

At Franciscan University, our goal is to assign you the best possible roommate.

Beginning in late January, admitted new students for the Fall 2013 semester will receive a Residential Living Contract in the mail. (Spring 2014 students will receive their contract on an ongoing basis a week or so after their acceptance.) This form will provide you the opportunity to request a roommate by name or to prioritize a type of roommate you would like to have (e.g. same major, same area of country, morning person, etc.).

Roommate assignments will be based on the date your $300 non-refundable enrollment deposit is received. The earliest deposits will have the best chance to have their priorities met.

Our goal is to house new freshmen with new freshmen. Transfers may be housed with transfers or returning students or freshmen. New students (freshmen or transfers) with late deposit dates may be assigned with an upperclassman. Limited housing is available for graduate students in our Assisi Heights apartment complex.

Those new students attending one of our University Day events in June will receive their roommate assignment at that time. All others will be mailed in mid-July. You may be able to make changes to your roommate assignment during the roommate switch period at the beginning of the semester.


Distribution of Beds

To support the University’s housing philosophy, 57% of the beds in each hall on the upper campus (Trinity, Louis, Marian, Kolbe, Clare, Elizabeth, Francis) are reserved for returning students (sophomore, junior, senior) based on the percentage of students these classes represent on campus. The remaining beds are reserved for new students. Lower campus halls do not reserve rooms for particular classes; however, returning students must be 20 years or older to live on lower campus without prior permission from Student Life.


St. Thomas More Lofts and Suites

In February, current female resident students of the main campus and Austria program are invited to apply for housing in the St. Thomas More lofts and suites. The lofts house 5 students and the suites house either 3 or 4 students. Housing in the lofts and suites is based on a point system. Students are given points based on their GPA, age, the number of semesters they’ve lived in the Residence Halls, their current class status, household membership and leadership activities the student is involved in. Points may be subtracted for disciplinary violations. The lofts and suites are assigned prior to the Housing Fair in April.


Assisi Heights

Assisi Heights apartments are available by application to current resident seniors, graduate students, and if space permits, to juniors. In February, groups made up of resident seniors and graduate students from the main campus and Austria are invited to apply. If all available apartments are not filled, the application process is opened to groups of resident juniors over age 20 may apply. Single applicants may apply to fill vacancies. Apartments will be assigned prior to early Household housing in March. New transfer, graduate, and non-traditional students over age 21 may request Assisi Heights through the admissions process. As students withdraw, students who are on the waitlist are housed.


Early Household Housing

In March, Household coordinators are given the opportunity to house up to ten students on their Household wing prior to the Housing Fair. Students selected to live on wing must be current members of Household or intents who are current residents of the main campus or the Austria program. Students living off campus prior to going to Austria, and current off campus residents may not be housed during the early Household housing. Households are required to house at least three students on their wing to remain a household.


Length of Contract and Housing Deposit

Housing contracts are signed in April at the Housing Fair and are for the entire following academic year. Students are given the opportunity to switch rooms at the beginning of each semester. Any other room changes are discouraged and students will be assessed a fee. Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate rooms without notice.

New students are required to pay a $300 non-refundable deposit as part of the admissions process. Current students are required to pay a $250 housing deposit before they can be assigned a room for the upcoming academic year. The deposit must be paid prior to the Housing Fair at Starvaggi Hall, and you must bring your receipt to the Housing Fair. The deposit reserves a space in the residence hall and is applied to the student’s fall bill.


April Housing Fair

All current resident students are required attend the Housing Fair held in April in order to obtain housing for the upcoming academic year. Students who are withdrawing for the next year are required to notify the Registrar’s Office prior to the Housing Fair to be excused from attending. Students who are graduating at the end of the Spring semester must notify the Housing Specialist to be excused. Failure to attend the Housing Fair will result in a fine. Students are strongly encouraged to attend. Students not attending the Housing Fair will be housed in remaining beds, and may be placed on wait lists until a bed is available.

The Housing Fair is currently held on a Friday evening. Students pick up their personalized Housing Form at a table outside of the Gentile Gallery, complete the form, and then go to their desired residence hall table. If the hall has space available for the student, the Residence Director of the hall writes the student’s room assignment on their form and the student proceeds to the checkout table.

If there is no space available in the hall for the student, they can be put on a wait list for the hall, but they must also find a bed in another residence hall. If there is no space available in any residence hall for their class status, they are put on a wait list for an available bed in any hall. The student may still remain on the wait list for the preferred hall. ALL students on the wait list are housed as soon as space becomes available due to a withdrawal. Waitlisted students will receive their housing assignments prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

A staff member at the checkout table assigns the student’s room and meal plan in the University computer system for the next academic year.

Important: Students will not be assigned housing until 1) their housing deposit is paid, 2) they are registered for full time hours for the fall semester, and 3) their current (spring) bill is paid in full. Students who do not meet the criteria to receive housing should still attend the Housing Fair to avoid being fined.


Austrian Students

Students returning from Austria are housed after the housing fair on main campus is completed. These students may request the hall where they would like to live for the next academic year, but they are limited to the beds that remain for returning students after the housing fair. If they do not receive the hall they request, they are put on the wait list for that hall. Students returning from Austria should be prepared with a second or third choice of halls. Austrian Students may apply early for Assisi Heights and the lofts. (see procedure above) Austrian students are also a part of the early Household housing process through communication with their Household Coordinator.


Off-campus students wishing to move onto campus

Off campus residents who wish to move onto campus will be placed on a wait list. Off campus students may move onto campus only if there are vacancies after all returning and new students are housed.

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