Residents are responsible for maintaining healthy conditions in their rooms. Residence Directors may require a student to clean a room that has offensive odors or excessive filth.


The Residence Life staff encourages individual expression in your room by decorating. However, we are also concerned about safety and fire hazards. Residents will be assessed for any and all damages to school property. Residents are not allowed to paint their rooms. At no time should smoke detectors or overhead lighting be covered for any reason.

The items not allowed for use in decorating your room include but are not limited to:

  • Items that hang from the ceiling (i.e. flammable cloth, plants)
  • Screws, nails or hooks in walls, ceiling, closets, furniture or woodwork
  • Decals, bumper stickers or contact paper affixed to school property
  • Materials used to hang posters that leave marks (please use blue sticky tack)
  • Posters or pictures not consistent with the University’s mission statement
  • Alcohol bottles and cans
  • Furniture that does not meet current fire safety code
  • Straw, leaves, branches
  • Live Christmas trees

The following items not allowed for use in decorating bulletin boards and windows include but are not limited to:

  • Posters advertising alcohol
  • Photgraphs of underage residents consuming alcohol
  • Anything not consistent with the University’s mission statement


While the University respects every student’s right to privacy, it reserves the right to authorize staff or maintenance personnel to enter a room at any time without prior notice for designated purposes that include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing custodial, maintenance, or housekeeping work;
  • Determining compliance with safety, health, and fire regulations;
  • Conducting an inventory of University property;
  • Responding to an indication of danger to life, health, or property;
  • Acting on a reasonable belief that a violation of a University regulation, local ordinance, and/or state or federal statute has occurred or is in progress.

Before entering the room, authorized personnel will knock on the door, announce themselves, and pause for a response. If a room search has been authorized, any property seized at the time may be used in University disciplinary proceedings and/or turned over to the local authorities.


Residents are not permitted to have pets/animals of any type except fish in the residence halls. Aquarium capacity may not exceed one 10-gallon tank per room.

Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers are available in the Health Center and are required for anyone who regularly requires injections. We ask that you make a member of the Residence Hall Staff aware of your need for this service.


Room phones are provided in Bonaventure, Scotus and Padua Halls. These phones can be used for local calls only. Long distance calls can be made using a phone card.

St. Thomas More, Francis, Kolbe, Clare, Louis, Elizabeth, Marian and Trinity do not have room phones. There are courtesy phones in each hall. Assisi Heights does not have phone access. It is recommended that students in these facilities bring a cell phone.

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