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Act On Your Interests and Passions

Our motivated students organize and form groups for the promotion of many causes or to share an interest. Check through the list and descriptions below and find out how many of them match your interests.

These student-founded, student-led organizations are authorized by the Student Life Office to operate on campus, use rooms for meetings, post approved signs on campus, participate in events, and host their own events.

Find out how to become an approved organization

  • Acton Society: The mission of the Acton Society is to become leaders and entrepreneurs in our country in order to cultivate a society that is free, virtuous and humane. We seek to promote this vision of society through discussion focused on selected readings and current events and active participation in the public square and marketplace.

    -For more information contact Acton Society at
  • FUS American Red Cross Club:The FUS American Red Cross Club is a student organization that seeks to promote the work of the American Red Cross and provide opportunities for students to serve locally and nationally in the mission of the Red Cross. Opportunities for service include: disaster relief services, safety services (First Aid, CPR, etc.), service to the armed forces members and their families, and blood donations.

    -For more information contact American Red Cross Club at
  • FUS Anime Club: The purpose of the Anime Club is to promote cultural understanding and fellowship among students. This is accomplished through several methods. While one of our main activities is watching Japanese animation, we also analyze the worldview inherent in this media and reflect on what we can learn from it. We recognize that not all anime is inherently compatible to our Catholic worldview, and why it is important to challenge it from a Catholic perspective. Therefore, while not all of our material is Catholic, the way in which we approach it is.

    -For more information contact the FUS Anime Club at
  • The Annunciations The group provides an opportunity for Franciscan women to enjoy a cappella music, the fellowship of true womanhood through Our Lady, and to share our musical gifts and talents with the campus, along with our Catholic faith, for the greater honor and glory of God. We strive to use the forum of music to bring ourselves and others closer to Christ through Mary, our Mediatrix, and to reflect her Fiat at the Annunciation.

    For more information contact The Annunciations at
  • Baronettes: The Baronettes are a team with a Christian atmosphere where, through dance, girls can grow in community, and confidence. We whole heartedly foster and support the mission statement of Franciscan University with Christ at the center of our endeavors as we continuously work to develop Christian character and integrity.

    -For more information contact the Baronettes at
  • Society of Bl. Theodore Romzha: The mission of the Society is to bring the riches of the Byzantine tradition to Franciscan University, including through the hosting of Byzantine prayer on campus, as well as by sponsoring talks on Byzantine. Membership is available to all students at Franciscan regardless of whether or not they follow the Byzantine Rite.

    -For more information contact the Society of Bl. Theodore Romzha at
  • Board Game Association: The purpose of the FUS Board Game Association is to provide an opportunity to play strategic board games in a friendly but competitive atmosphere where the member may meet new friends and learn about the concepts of strategic gaming. This association seeks to accomplish this by scheduling many opportunities to play different board games, including a few lengthy sessions per semester. The ultimate goal of this association is to build stronger community and to develop the mind through the art of strategy.

    -For more information contact the Board Game Association at
  • Catholic Womanhood Missions: Catholic Womanhood Missions is a student organization committed to actively leading women to come to know and experience that: "I am my beloved's and His desire is for me"(Song of Songs 7:10). Our goal is to accept God as our Beloved and to allow Him to reveal how much He loves each of us women individually. We strive to promote the gift of womanhood and the dignity that women possess as God's crown of creation. We look to Mary as our mother and model, so that we and all women can come to know our beauty and grow in following her ways, particularly those of gentleness, humility, and purity. We also look to Mary to teach us to accept and appreciate the special gift of receptivity that we, as women, have been given. By focusing on the positive aspects of womanhood, our goal is to build up the confidence of each individual woman and encourage universal sisterhood.

    -For more information, contact Catholic Womanhood Missions at
  • FUS Circus Club: The mission of the Franciscan Circus Club is to foster the growth of entertainment at the University, and provide interested students with opportunities to juggle, or perform magic or various other forms of entertainment often associated with a circus. The club seeks to assist students interested in learning or further developing these skills and sponsors performances for the Franciscan University community.

    -For more information, contact the FUS Circus Club at
  • Commuter Student Association: The CSA strives to serve the needs of commuter students, to keep commuters informed of campus events, and to create a more unified University community by bridging the gaps between commuter and resident students.

    -For more information, contact the Commuter Student Association at
  • FUS Field Hockey Club The mission of the Franciscan Field Hockey Club is to foster the growth of field hockey at the University, and provide interested students with the opportunity and means of playing field hockey. The club seeks to accomplish this by setting up times for play and practice for those who want to improve in the sport. The ultimate goal of this club is to achieve a stronger field hockey community on campus.

    For more information, contact FUS Field Hockey Club at
  • FUS Fine Arts Society: This society has been formed for the purpose of further educating the students of Franciscan University through exposure to the fine arts. We will endeavor to provide opportunities for the student body to attend cultural/fine arts events off campus (primarily in Pittsburgh, PA) and promote on-campus fine arts events. Yearly we develop and advertise a "Fine Arts Series", consisting of on-campus and off-campus events compatible with the mission of the university. Affordable tickets are offered to faculty, staff, students, and members of the surrounding community, along with free and/or inexpensive transportation. We believe that through exposure to the fine arts, our university community may be brought to a greater appreciation of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

    -For more information, contact the Fine Arts Society at
  • Franciscan University of Steubenville Eagle Scouts: The mission of FUS Eagle Scouts is to further the brotherhood of Eagle Scouts at Franciscan by having an active presence on campus; serving the local community; and coming together as a group to live out the Eagle Scout Oath.

    -For more information, contact the Franciscan University of Steubenville Eagle Scouts at
  • Franciscan Equestrian Club: The purpose of the Franciscan Equestrian Club is to provide the opportunity for students to engage in equestrian actives at an affordable price. The club seeks to accomplish this through setting up meetings between members and coaches. It will also be accomplished through competing at IHSA horse shows. The ultimate goal for this club is to generate enough interest and growth to make it successful team, which would enable the members to compete at an elite level. The Franciscan Equestrian Club is a student-led organization recognized by the Student Life Department of Franciscan University and has no association with the Franciscan University Athletics Department or the NCAA.

    -For more information, contact the Franciscan University of Steubenville Equestrian Club at
  • Franciscan Movie Club: The purpose of Franciscan Movie Club is to give all students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in maintaining their Christian identity in the film making industry, and to create a film in one semester, through hands-on environment with cameras, set pieces, lighting equipment, editing software, etc. The organization is meant to help students understand the process of making a film, while also helping to facilitate the creation of the most professional film possible, through other student’s experiences.

    -For more information, contact the Franciscan Movie Club at
  • Fr. Michael Scanlan Scholarship Society: The Fr. Michael Scanlan Scholarship Society is open to any person who has competed in the Fr. Michael Scanlan Scholarship competition. As Fr. Michael Scanlan scholars, students strive to integrate faith and reason in a manner that honors the Franciscan University mission as set forth by the school's fourth president for which the Society is named, and to follow Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, seeking to answer His call to "rebuild my church" and transform the culture.

    -For more information, contact the Scanlan Scholarship Society at
  • Free Catholics for Justice: The mission of Free Catholics for Justice is to love and serve God and our brothers and sisters by promoting and defending human dignity and liberty by engaging intellectual debate and discussion and by promoting practical works of service. We are guided by three basic founding principles: Catholicism, Human Dignity and Conservatism. Membership is open to Franciscan University students who are interested in defending liberty, justice, and human dignity in accordance with the Church's teachings and love of fellow man.

    -For more information contact Free Catholics for Justice at
  • FUS Life Runners: The mission of FUS Life Runners is to pray and run as a team until we cross the finish line that ends abortion. Our purpose is to keep the faith, respect life from conception to natural death, and run so as to win. We run to promote awareness, that the eyes of all people may be transformed and see every human life as a reflection of the Lord’s glory and to provide truth for mothers and fathers tempted to abort their child…and healing support for post-abortive women, men and families.

    -For more information contact FUS Life Runners at
  • The Gadfly: The Gadfly is an attempt to "bite the sleeping horse", in the spirit of Socrates. It is a student publication whose purpose is to facilitate discussion concerning campus and cultural issues as they pertain to us as students at Franciscan University. We aim to be a forum for open, well-thought out, and honest discussions toward the end of knowing and loving truth in its most robust sense. Satire is also recognized as a means of attaining this end.

    -For more information, contact the Gadfly at
  • German Club: The German Club is an organization that promotes cultural understanding, especially towards the German culture. The goal is to show not only the campus community but also the outside community the value of learning a second language, specifically German, and of appreciating aspects of the culture of the German-speaking countries.

    -For more information, contact the German Club at
  • Go, Lift Ministry: GO, LIFT (Gospel Outreach Leaders In Faith Training) Ministry is a group dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. We do this by simply and clearly proclaiming the Gospel to bring people to Christ and by equipping them with tools and strategies to build them up as Catholic Christians and send them out to reach others.

    -For more information, contact the Go, Lift Ministry at
  • Knights of Columbus: The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, the Order has been called “the strong right arm of the Church” due to its support of the Church and her apostolic mission. Our members are Catholic gentlemen committed to the exemplification of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. The Order is consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and is unequivocal in its loyalty to the Pope. Our Council has been serving the University since 1988 and is probably best know for our barbeques. In Service to One, In Service to ALL.

    -For information contact the Knights of Columbus at
  • Latinos for Christ: Students in Latinos For Christ promote the unique blend of Hispanic and Catholic culture on campus through social and spiritual activities that demonstrate the diversity of the Catholic Church.

    -For more information, contact Latinos for Christ at
  • The League of Aspiring Generals: The mission of The League of Aspiring Generals is to provide intellectual stimulation through the use of strategic tabletop war games. This club seeks to accomplish this through scheduled meetings where people will be allowed to play games, as well as learn to play and paint the miniatures involved. The ultimate goal of this club is to achieve a stronger community for table top gaming on campus.

    For more information contact The League of Aspiring Generals at
  • Love Revealed: The mission of True Love and Responsibility is to respond to campus apathy, and academic specialization by enriching students’ understanding of the principles that uphold the goods of Marriage, Family, and Sexual Integrity with the view that “the flourishing of society depends on healthy family lives and stable marriages to provide the next generation with sound moral instruction and character development.” Furthermore, we seek to instill amongst Franciscan University students an appreciation for the importance of sexual integrity in their current way of life, noting “that stable marriages and families and the moral character they cultivate are best supported by commitment to the integrity of sex and to the healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors that honor that integrity.”

    -For more information, contact Love Revealed at
  • Mary's Meals: The mission of Mary’s Meals FUS is to support the work of the Mary’s Meals International Organization through prayer, financial support, and raising awareness of the organization and cause on campus and in the community. “Mary’s Meals is an international movement to set up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining and education. Mary’s Meals provides daily meals in school for over 4000,000 children in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.”

    -For more information, contact Mary's Meals at
  • Militia of the Immaculata: The Militia of the Immaculata was created by Saint Maximilian Kolbe to promote total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary of the purpose of spiritual renewal for individuals and society. Through Mary, we will attain the ultimate purpose of the Militia of the Immaculata: the greatest possible glory of God. The Franciscan University chapter of the Militia of the Immaculata (MI) seeks to remain in conformity with the goals of the worldwide MI and in contact with the national office of the MI.

    -For more information, contact Militia of the Immaculata at  
  • Outdoors Club: The Mission of the Franciscan University Outdoors Club is to foster a greater awareness of God’s Earthly creation and to promote student bonding through recreational activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and paintballing.

    -For more information, contact the Outdoors Club at  
  • Peace and Good Players Club: Building on the foundation of a rich history of drama in the Church, exemplified in the mystery, miracle, and morality plays of the Middle Ages, the Peace and Good Players are a core group of Christians dedicated to renewal and to ministering to the body of Christ at Franciscan University, through the ministry of drama and music. Dramas may re-enact stories from the Gospels or be original in content with specific them (i.e. repentance, obedience, trusting God). To differentiate from the plays performed by the Drama Department, dramas are not performed for an audience, but are a tool of ministry meant to speak to and build up the body of Christ on campus.

    -For more information, contact Peace and Good Players at
  • Pep Band: The purpose of the FUS Pep Band is to bolster school spirit and pride on the Franciscan University campus. We work to establish fraternity among our members and the student body, and to whole-heartedly foster and support the mission statement of Franciscan University of Steubenville. We cultivate qualities of good and solid leadership and team work. With Christ at the center of our endeavors, we continuously work to develop Christian character and integrity. The group is known as the “Baron Brigade,” and has scheduled performances at Franciscan University, men’s and women’s basketball games and other special events sponsored by Franciscan University Athletic Department. The dynamic musical group provides and energy-driving atmosphere for Baron Fans.

    -For more information, contact the FUS Pep Band at
  • Pun Intended: The mission of Pun Intended is to provide comedic improvisational entertainment and to foster an interest in comedic improvisation for the Franciscan University of Steubenville. The club seeks to accomplish this by having monthly free performances as well as performing at various events when commissioned. The ultimate goal of this club is to promote the performing arts at Franciscan University of Steubenville and foster a stronger interest in comedic improvisational performance.

    -For more information, contact Pun Intended at
  • The Revelations of Franciscan University:The Revelations of Franciscan University is a student-run, Catholic male a cappella group dedicated to energetic, creative, and quality performances. We sing a wide variety of songs, recognizable favorites people can relate to: modern pop and rock, contemporary Christian songs, Gospel songs, and traditional songs.

    -For more information, contact The Revelations of Franciscan University at
  • ROTC Club: The Mission of Franciscan ROTC Club (Reserve Officer Training Corps) is to bring the Army ROTC program to Franciscan students, including those not contracted to the program. ROTC provides training to students to be future officers in the Army, and in life. The ultimate goal of this club is to allow Army ROTC to better operate here at Franciscan and bring more students into the program.

    For more information, contact ROTC at
  • Servants of the Returning King: The mission of Servants of the Returning King is to take part in the rescue mission of souls; to spread the good news that Jesus is returning. We hope to bring the words of Jesus to others that they may know peace and joy in their lives and have a conversion of heart to prepare for His return. We sponsor a monthly prayer meeting and conduct other outreach.

    -For more information, contact Servants of the Returning King at
  • Student Association for Health and Fitness: The mission of the Student Association for Health and Fitness (SAHF) is to foster, through student-directed initiatives, a greater awareness and care of bodily health, guided by the vision of the fully integrated human person given to us by Pope John Paul II.

    -For more information, contact the Student Association for Health and Fitness at
  • Franciscan University Student Government: Franciscan University Student Government represents the students' needs, concerns, and ideas to the administration body. It is made up of the executive staff, student senate, and justices. Elections for the executive and senate are held in the spring.

    -For more information, contact Student Government at
  • Students For Catholic Liturgy: The mission of Students for Catholic Liturgy (SCL) is to foster a deeper appreciation for the liturgical traditions of the Church among members of the University community. SCL seeks to accomplish this primarily through hosting lecturers and distributing educational materials.
    -For more information, contact Students For Catholic Liturgy at
  • Students For a Fair Society:

The mission of Students for a Fair Society (SFS) is to promote and act upon the fullness of the Catholic faith, rooted in Christ and aimed always at valuing the dignity of the human person. With the sacraments, social and moral doctrine at our disposal, we act and educate within and for the Church in order "to bring the 'pro-life' movement to its more perfect fulfillment.

  • -For more information, contact Students For a Fair Society at
  • Students For Life: A student-run organization which seeks to promote a greater respect for the dignity of all human life, from the moment of conception to a natural death. Members of the organization do this by means of prayer, education, and action together in order to bring about conversion of hearts and minds in themselves, the Church, the nation and the world.

    -For more information, contact Students for Life at
  • Theta Phi Alpha: The mission of Theta Phi Alpha is to create close comradeship, to advance educational, social and philanthropic interests and leadership training, to encourage spiritual development and adherence to the highest moral standards, and to promote lifelong bonds of friendship.

    -For more information visit our self-maintained Web site or contact Theta Phi Alpha at
  • Franciscan Triathlon Club: The goal of the Franciscan University Triathlon Club is to spark an interest in triathlons on campus and give the students the tools to compete in this sport for the rest of their lives. The club is determined to give students the opportunity to participate in the multisport of triathlons with the aim of encouraging members to compete in the Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference. The Triathlon Club is a student-led organization recognized by the Student Life Department of Franciscan University and is not a part of Franciscan University Athletics..

    -For more information contact the Franciscan Triathlon Club at
  • United Shepherds AllianceThe mission of United Shepherd’s Alliance for Freedom (“USA for Freedom”) is to safeguard individual liberties in the United States of America which we believe are currently under threat. This mission includes supporting individuals on-campus and off-campus in maximizing the safeguarding of their individual liberties guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution through the exercise of their right and responsibility to vote.

    -For more information contact Ut Unum Sint Society for Christian Unity at
  • Ut Unum Sint Society for Christian Unity: The purpose of this society is to promote unity among Christians by means of private and common prayer, personal dialogue, the exchange of gifts, fellowship, service, and education, with particular emphasis on ecumenism among other colleges, according to the vision of the Catholic Church, and to organize events that make these exchanges possible.

    -For more information contact Ut Unum Sint Society for Christian Unity at
  • Young Americans for Freedom: The mission of Young Americans for Freedom at Franciscan is to foster the growth of students as conscientious citizens with a focus on defending the United States Constitution in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. It seeks to do so through intellectual activities as well as issue advocacy.

    - For more information, contact the Young Americans for Freedom at
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