• Missions of Peace

  • Application to participate in Missions of Peace mission trip to San Diego

    This trip is open only to current students of Franciscan University of Steubenville.

    Full Legal Name: 

    Student ID#: 

    Campus Box# (If applicable): 

    Off campus address (if applicable) Street:
    City:   ZIP: 

    Home/Room Phone:     Cell Phone: 
    Campus E-mail:  (must be your @student.franciscan.edu address)


      If Yes, Which Household: 
      If yes, Which trip(s)?
          Trip and year: 
          Trip and year: 
          Trip and year: 
          Trip and year: 

    Describe any previous leadership or volunteer experience:


    What Extracurricular activities are you currently involved in?


    What gifts, skills, or experiences do you feel that you can contribute on a mission trip?


    How have you come to the decision to apply for this mission?


    What do you hope to learn and accomplish from participation in a mission trip?


    What hesitations do you have about going on this mission trip?


    Do you have any experience living in a community setting with non-family members? If yes, please share one positive and one negative experience.


    What is one way that you have experienced God's love for you?


          If "no," please explain:


          If "yes," please explain:


    Rate yourself in the following areas on a scale of 1 to 10
    (1 = poor, 10 = excellent)


    Please describe your relationship with God and what form that takes in your prayer life:


    Have you ever raised money in the past? If so, what type of success did you have?

    You will be expected to raise your own expenses to take part in this mission. Do you have at least twenty family and friends whom you can ask to financially support you to fund your mission expenses? 

    Do you know of other organizations that you can approach to help fund your mission expenses, e.g., Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters of America, local hometown vendors, etc.? 

    You will be asked to speak at your parish about the mission and to personally ask your pastor and your parish community to financially support you. Are you comfortable doing this? Why or why not?

    Do you have any physical, mental, social, or spiritual impairments that may affect your ability to serve as a member of a mission team?

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