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  • David's Story 
    • Home: Hampton, New Hampshire
    • Major: Math/Education

    Since I arrived here, I’ve grown more confident in myself as a man and as a Catholic.


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    Beteil's Story 
    • Home: Denver, Colorado
    • Major: Marketing

    Coming to Franciscan was an easy decision. There never was a doubt in my mind that this was the school for me.


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    Jace's Story 
    Jace Profile
    • Home:Kingston, New York
    • Major:Biology

    Academically, I couldn’t ask for a better Biology Program. It’s extremely rigorous and my professors are amazing.


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    Daniel's Story 
    • Home:Brighton, Michigan
    • Major: Business Management

    The people here are obviously great. The students, faculty, and staff—for as different as everyone is—share the common goal of living the Catholic faith, and your friends really hold you accountable.


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    Isaac's Story 
    Isaac's profile picture
    • Home: California
    • Major: Pre-Nursing

    I’ve always played sports. I wrestled for 10 years, played football for 4. I guess you could say I’ve got an inner warrior. So, when I came to Franciscan, I thought I’d try out for rugby.


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    Matt's Story 
    Matt's profile picture
    • Home: Illinois
    • Major: Biology

    Two things attracted me to Franciscan. First, the passionately Catholic atmosphere and community: The people here are trying to be saints, and that’s an incredible thing to be a part of. Second, I knew Franciscan could help me realize my dream of becoming a doctor.


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    Maggie's Story 
    Maggie profile pic
    • Home: New York
    • Major: Middle Childhood Education

    Because so many people from my area go to Franciscan, I grew up knowing about it and how great the school was.


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    Maria's and Teresa's Story 
    Maria and Teresa's profile picture
    • Home: New Hampship
    • Major: Economics; Theology and Nursing

    I’m really grateful I came to Franciscan…and really grateful my little sister Maria has joined me. It’s wonderful having this chance to grow together.


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    Joe's Story 
    Joe's profile picture
    • Home: Virginia
    • Major: Communication Arts & Clinical Psychology

    I came to Franciscan because I wanted a school where I would be safe but not comfortable. In other words, I wanted to get an education where I could grow academically and spiritually, where I wouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.


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    Peter's Story 
    • Hometown: Nokesville, Virginia
    • Major: Accounting
    • Activities: ROTC

    As the fifth in my family to attend Franciscan, I knew a lot about the University, but seeing the variety of people who come from all over the country is amazing. It’s great just to hang out, talk about the faith, and experience life outside yourself, or get involved in activities such as soccer, basketball, and households.


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    Meghann's Story 
    • Hometown: Woodbridge, California
    • Major: Nursing

    I chose nursing as a major after several people told me I would be good at it. I remember helping sick animals and going to nursing homes as a Girl Scout. When my grandfather and brother were ill, I saw nursing care as both a vocation and a way to serve. I also think it’s great to be Catholic and pursue a profession that originated with nuns.


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    Andrew's Story 
    • Hometowns: Denison, Texas
    • Major: Accounting and Finance
    • Activities: Rugby
    • Household: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

    Accounting as a major is just right for me because I’m intrigued by anything to do with numbers, economics, money, and business. I’m also a very concrete person, and I couldn’t have found a more concrete major. Besides, most businesses have accounting positions they need to fill.

    David R's Story 
    David's Story
    • Hometown: Stockton, California
    • Major: Business Management
    • Activities: NCAA Basketball, Intramural Football, Intramural Frisbee, Baron Athletic Advisory Committee

    As a senior in high school, I knew I wanted four things in college. First, I wanted to go to a top Catholic school, one that was excellent academically but that was also faithful to the Church. Second, I wanted a school that offered me an opportunity to study abroad.


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    Katie's Story 
    Kate's story
    • Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY
    • Major: Spanish and English Literature
    • Household: Love of the Lamb
    • Activities: Cross Country, Track & Field, Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society

    A college that was passionately faithful: Even in high school that was the type of school I wanted to attend.

    Keith's Story 
    Keith's Story
    • Hometown: Hudson, New Hampshire
    • Major: Philosophy and History
    • Activities: Intramural Volleyball and Football; Chapel Ministries; Missions of Peace

    Before coming to Franciscan I went to another university. But my pro-life views made me less than popular with that school’s professors and administrators.


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    Aaron's Story 
    Aaron's Profile
    • Hometown: Edinburg, Texas
    • Major: Biology
    • Activities: President of Latinos for Christ

    I came to Franciscan University because I was looking for a strong theology program. Once I arrived here, however, I found a whole lot more.


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    Angela's Story 
    Angela's Story
    • Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
    • Major: Theology and Philosophy, Honors Program
    • Activities: Intramural Soccer, Chapel Ministries

    I don’t know how old I was when I started thinking about attending Franciscan University. It’s been my first choice for as long as I can remember.


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    Caitlin and Grace's Story 
    • Hometowns: Lewes, Delaware, and College Station, Texas
    • Major: Nursing
    • Households:Stella Mariae and Carae Domini
    • Activities: Basketball, Cello, Household activities.

    At Franciscan University, we love bragging about our students. We love it even more when others do our bragging for us.

    Chantelle's Story 
    Chantelle's Story
    • Hometown: Covington, Louisiana
    • Major: Theology and Catechetics (Youth Ministry Concentration)
    • Household:Totus Tuus Maria
    • Activities: SENT; Franciscan Southern Society; Festivals of Praise Prayer Team

    I first learned about Franciscan University when I attended one of their high school youth conferences.


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    Dan's Story 
    Dan's Story
    • Hometowns: Kalamazoo, Michigan
    • Major: Mental Health
    • Activities: Music, snowboarding, soccer, making people laugh

    Dan is passionate about many things: The movies Braveheart and August Rush, snowboarding, soccer, and for some inexplicable reason, argyle sweaters and socks.

    Grant's Story 
    Grant's Profile Picture
    • Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
    • Majors: Political Science and Economics,Scanlan Scholar
    • Household: Fishers of Men
    • Activities: College Republicans, Intramural Ultimate Frisbee (Single A)

    As soon as I stepped foot on Franciscan University's campus, I knew it was the right place for me.


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    José's Story 
    Jose's story
    • Hometowns: Herndon, Virginia
    • Major: Psychology
    • Activities: Mission Trips, "Red Light Ministry," Soccer, .

    Friday night, 20 to 30 college guys, and two local strip clubs. Sounds like a familiar story,. But it's not. At least, not when those 20 to 30 college guys include senior José Silva and his friends from Franciscan University.

    Kate's Story 
    Kate's Story
    • Hometown: Madison, Virginia
    • Major: Nursing
    • Household:Stella Mariae
    • Activities: Intramural Football and Frisbee; SENT Ministries

    I wanted two things out of a college education: I wanted an academic foundation that would help me succeed in this life, and I wanted a spiritual foundation that would help me succeed in the next life.


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    Nicole's Story 
    Nicole's Story
    • Major: Education
    • Household:Stella Mariae
    • Activities: Teaching, Missions of Peace, Singing, Student Government

    “I’ve always been teaching someone,” says Nicole. “teaching is in my genes.”

    Pete's Story 
    Peter's Profile
    • Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    • Major: English Literature
    • Household: Still looking
    • Musical Talents: Hammered dulcimer, piano, bodhran, penny whistle, and vocals
    • Activities: Plays keyboards and hammered dulcimer in various bands, involved in the theatre program, the Film Club, music ministry, Works of Mercy, Franciscan Edge (the campus radio station), and a stint on the Francis Hall Council.

    You know how some say that the loneliest people in the world are freshmen in college? Well, those people don't go to Franciscan University.


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    Robbie's Story 
    Robbie's Story
    • Hometown: Mission Viejo, California
    • Major: Theology and History
    • Household: Brothers of the Eternal Song
    • Activities: NCAA D-III Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Football, and Volleyball

    I came to Franciscan because it was a Catholic university, and passionately Catholic at that.


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    Therese's Story 
    Therese's Story
    • Hometown: Steubenville, Ohio
    • Major: Business Management
    • Minor: Communication Arts
    • Sorority: Theta Phi Alpha
    • Activities: Interned as the Student Assistant for Commuter Outreach, Commuter Student Association, Volunteer at LAMP (Lay Apostolic Ministries for the Poor)

    Two years later, I'm still at Franciscan and can't imagine being anywhere else.


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