Student Profile



  • Hometown: Denison, Texas
  • Major: Accounting and Finance
  • Activities: Student Government, Students in Free Enterprise
  • Household: Knights of the Holy Queen

Accounting as a major is just right for me because I’m intrigued by anything to do with numbers, economics, money, and business. I’m also a very concrete person, and I couldn’t have found a more concrete major. Besides, most businesses have accounting positions they need to fill.

My favorite professor, Donald Materniak, is also challenging. He knows that business people don’t go into meetings without doing their homework, so he expects us to do the same—to be prepared, understand the material, and participate in class discussions. At the same time, I’ve never found a more accommodating professor. You can go to his office if you don’t understand something, and he’ll help you every time.

I transferred to Franciscan from the University of Arkansas for the strong faith-based community and the excellent academics. I really like the small class sizes and the chance to know and be known by my professors. Franciscan’s size also makes it really easy to meet people. I found brotherhood and community in my household and in rugby because everyone is willing to share their experiences of school and life. For me, Franciscan offers the best mix of strong faith and great education.

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