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  • Home: Denver, Colorado
  • Major: Marketing

"Coming to Franciscan was an easy decision. There never was a doubt in my mind that this was the school for me."

I loved the deep Catholic identity, how the faith was incorporated into every aspect of the school and in such an authentic way. I knew that coming in. I also knew the people were great. I just didn’t know how great.

In high school, it takes years to settle in, to make your friends and find your niche. Here, I made my best friends in a few weeks. And they’re real friends, friends who I know will be there for me for the rest of my life.

The professors also really care for all their students. They want the best for us, and they put their all into helping us learn what we need to succeed. I love that my business professors bring real world experience to the classroom, and that they love what they do. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Someday, I’d like to run a corporation. We need faithful men and women, who understand that leadership is about service, witnessing with their lives in the business world. For now though, I’m learning to own my faith and make decisions based on what I know to be right. I can’t think of more important lessons to learn or a better place to learn them.

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