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  • Hometown: Hudson, New Hampshire
  • Major: Philosophy and History
  • Activities: Intramural Volleyball and Football; Chapel Ministries; Missions of Peace

Before coming to Franciscan I went to another university. But my pro-life views made me less than popular with that school’s professors and administrators.

I left there because I wanted to go to a school that had integrity.

I wanted professors who were willing to stand up for truth, who were rooted in truth. I found that at Franciscan University.

In the world of higher education today, that’s not easy to find.

One of the things I love most about Franciscan is that the faith is the center of everything. Even in classes that aren’t about theology, you still look at things from a Catholic perspective.

The professors really challenge you as well. They show their respect for you by setting the bar high, and you work harder and end up learning more because of that.

I also love how friendly people are here. In Boston if you’re walking around, you keep your head down. Here you can’t do that because everyone is smiling at you and asking how you’re doing.

I’m learning so much from the people here. There’s no competition going on about who’s the holiest. Everyone is just working to grow closer to God, and we all learn from each other in that.

Someday I hope I can take what I’m learning, and put it to use in politics. I’d like to go to law school, then work to bring some common sense and morality back to our government. We really need more Catholics in politics. We need more people willing to stand up for truth.

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