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  • Hometown: Steubenville, Ohio
  • Major: Business Management
  • Minor: Communication Arts
  • Sorority: Theta Phi Alpha
  • Activities: Interned as the Student Assistant for Commuter Outreach, Commuter Student Association, Volunteer at LAMP (Lay Apostolic Ministries for the Poor)


When I graduated from high school, I wasn't sure what the next step was for me. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I wasn't sure where. I also wasn't sure what I wanted to study. What I did know was that I didn't want to be too far from home. So, I made the decision to come to Franciscan University for a year, figure out what I wanted to do with my life, then take it from there.


Two years later, I'm still at Franciscan and can't imagine being anywhere else.


The professors are out of this world. They're really amazing--always challenging you and helping you connect what you're learning in the classroom with life in the "real world."

The community is also wonderful. Everyone is supportive, and everyone is pushing you to do and be your best. I'm a commuter student, but that doesn't mean I'm not involved on campus. I'm in a sorority, I'm active in the Commuter Student Association, and have volunteered with LAMP Ministries, which serves the needy in the local community. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in campus life, whether you live in the residence halls or at home.

Really, I feel like I have the best of both worlds: I'm close to my family and friends from high school, but I'm also getting to know people from all around the country. I'm even going to travel to Austria to spend a semester studying abroad. That's something I never thought I would do.

Being at Franciscan is broadening my horizons and helping me become a leader. I'm discovering what I'm capable of doing, and I'm getting the opportunity to do it. You can't ask for more from a school.

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