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The Mail Service Center is located on the ground floor of the JCWC. We are open Monday through Friday from 10:30 to 4:00. Campus mail leaves the Mail Center promptly at 3:30 pm to be taken down to the local Post Office. Our customer service number is 740-283-6272. View the Mail and Print Services staff list here.

Express items that come on Saturday are left at the Switchboard counter on the first floor of the JCWC. Remaining packages are moved to the Mail Center on Monday morning.

We have a special arrangement through FedEx where we can send a next day express for as low as $4.70! This next-day rate is posted every two weeks. 

Students who receive packages will have a yellow bar-coded package slip placed in their box. Bring the slip and student ID to the service window to pick-up your packages.

We provide international rates and services for all countries that accept mail from the United States. We provide all the common domestic mail services such as certified, Priority Mail, return receipt, insured, and postal overnight. 

You can also ship through UPS with next day pick-up. UPS labels must be printed off on your own computer. Bring your package to the mail center for pick-up the next morning. 

On campus groups that wish to distribute fliers to all student boxes must give at least one days notice to the Mail Center. Fliers can only be distributed after 1 pm.

The Mail Center also oversees student van training, print shop orders, and campus storage. Student Driver Application forms must be turned in at the Mail Center Customer Service window to begin the process.

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