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Residence Life Internet Access Policies

These policies apply to the use of all computers connected to the Residence Halls Network (RESNet) operated by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). These policies are intended to facilitate the use of the RESNet in the best interests of all students.  All students must adhere to the Franciscan University of Steubenville Policies on the Use of Computers.  Students should be aware that unauthorized sharing of peer-to-peer file copyrighted works, including music, pictures, and movies, is a violation of the University computer-use policy. It may be illegal and may carry significant monetary and/or criminal sanctions. It is the responsibility of students who are downloading or uploading documents to make certain that they are not copyrighted works, or that the student has the permission of the copyright holder.

The University reserves the right to remove RESNet users from the network without cause or notification. This removal may be permanent if the user has violated any of the Policies or Rules as stated in this or other documents. Violations of these policies incur the same type of disciplinary measures as violations of other University policies or state or federal laws, including criminal prosecution in serious cases. Violations constitute misuse of University property.

It is recommended that all computers be configured with the hardware and software specifications recommended by the Office of Information Technology.

All computers should be configured with antivirus software.  Antivirus software should be configured to automatically update antivirus signatures periodically.  Failure to do this will open computers to viruses that may not only compromise the infected computer but jeopardize other student’s computers on the network.  If a computer is found to be infecting the network or other users, the port will be disconnected until that computer has been cleaned of the virus.

Peer-to-peer file sharing software, such as and not limited to, Kazaa, Morpheus, Gnutella, Napster, etc., is prohibited.  This software should be disabled or uninstalled.  If a student is found to be using this software, OIT will document the use, and then shut down that student’s port.  If students find that their port is inactive, they must call the Help Desk (Ext. 7033) to report the problem.  If OIT determines that the port was shut off due to an infraction based upon OIT’s polices, the student will be instructed on how to resolve the problem.  Once the problem is resolved to OIT’s satisfaction, the port will be enabled.  Repeat offenders will be reported to Student Life and subsequently permanently disconnected from the network.

The client for Microsoft Networks should not be installed.  OIT does not offer any services in the residence hall that use this software.  This client not only generates excessive traffic and  but can also cause a security breach to your system.

Students may not modify or tamper with any network wiring, wall faceplates, or network devices. Students who do not follow this policy will be assessed a fee based on time and materials for the repair of any damage to University resources.

Students are prohibited from setting up their computers to be used as DHCP, DNS, File Sharing, WEB or FTP servers.  Computers cannot be set up to act as a bridge, a router, or a gateway.

Students are prohibited from attaching more than one computer to the RESNet.  Students are prohibited from setting up an additional network in their rooms by attaching a wireless access point, a hub or a switch to the RESNet.

Students may connect the printer of their choice to their computer but not directly to the network.  The university will not provide network printing from the residence halls.  Students who do not have a printer may save their files to a CD/RW, Zip® disk or floppy disk and take it to one of the campus computer labs that have a printer and print from that location.

Network traffic should be considered private. Because of this, any “packet sniffing” performed by students or other deliberate attempts to read network information will be grounds for loss of network privileges.

OIT reserves the right to remove students from the network if the individual’s amount of traffic is determined to be unusually high.

Under no circumstances will any student be permitted to use their network connection or computing privileges for commercial purposes. Students may not advertise any commercial products. Any student found to be using their connection for commercial use will be disconnected from the network and subject to discipline under appropriate University policies.

The University reserves the right to monitor and control the use of the network services. Due to limited bandwidth, the University may limit the use of network services such as multi-user download utilities, web services, Anonymous FTP, etc.

If students are experiencing connectivity problems from the residence halls, they may contact the Help Desk (Ext. 7033) during normal working hours.  The Help Desk is not responsible for aiding students with desktop applications and programming languages.  The Help Desk will help with connectivity issues, antivirus software and security patches.  If it is diagnosed that your problems are hardware or software related, the student should contact the vendor responsible for the hardware or software in question.  Any unauthorized attempt to access another computer (on or off campus) is prohibited. Attempts to access other computers will result in the immediate disconnection of the suspected network connection until the matter has been resolved.

Franciscan University assumes NO responsibility for costs associated with loss or damage to a student’s personal computer, software, data and its associated peripheral equipment.

Franciscan University urges all students to follow these policies and to conduct themselves within the framework of the University’s Mission Statement.

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