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Job Search and Grad School Prep

Have you written your résumé and cover letter? Have you had it looked at by someone in Career Services? Have you attended a workshop on résumé writing? If not, that’s the first thing you should do.

How are your interviewing skills? Have you attended our “Interviewing to Win” workshop? It’s a great way to get comfortable in that role.

Applying for graduate school or a job has a lot in common. But there are some differences as well. Both will take some of your time and it’s important for you to schedule time to do so. Schedule time on your calendar for the search or that time will be lost.

For Graduate School:

  • Research graduate school programs and financial aid packages.
  • You can get information from your professors or the Career Services Office.
  • Narrow the field down; each will have fees and it can get pricey.
  • Complete applications and the tests required for graduate work
  • Review résumé and/or essays with a career counselor and/or professional in your career choice


For Job Search:


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for Future:

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