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Letter of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation: Tidbits from a person doing a Recommendation

TO: Person to be recommended

FROM: Person writing recommendation

In order for me to write an effective letter in support of your application, you should provide me with the kind of information I've outlined below. It will help me to personalize my recommendation for you. Please feel free to speak well of yourself - if you do not thing you are good and deserving of whatever school or position you are applying for, how can anyone else?

Please supply me with a copy of your résumé and any data about the school and/or position for which you are applying. Include a stamped, addressed envelope to the company/organization/school where you want the letter sent. I would appreciate ample lead time from you so that I will have the time to produce a quality recommendation.

In a packet, please provide the following information in an outline format:

  • 1. Specify for what you need this letter (job, grad. school and details, etc.)
  • 2. The information described above (résumé, position information).
  • 3. Current date.
  • 4. Deadline for each letter of recommendation.
  • 5. The basis of our contact; formal courses (title, grade, other aspects of your special performance); research; internship; informal contacts, other.
  • 6. Academic achievement: Tell me about your grades (GPA), major, strengths and opportunities for improvement, how your background has prepared you for the position or school you are seeking through this recommendation. Include anything "extra" or unique about your background.
  • 7. List your major personal/social traits.
  • 8. List your major academic/work traits.
  • 9. What about your emotional stability, maturity?
  • 10. And, of course, what about your character?
  • 11. If you get what you are applying for, what are the chances you will "stick it out" or will drop out?
  • 12. Suppose you are not accepted where you are applying - what then?


P.S. I'd like to know the outcome of your application. You owe me this courtesy because I really care. Thanks and good luck.

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