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Securing Academic Credit

The Application, Approval And Assessment Process

Most employees realize that candidates for internships do not have a great deal of work experience. For that reason, an organization tends to scan your application materials for some clear indication that you:

  • are academically prepared and capable,
  • are motivated to learn from and contribute to the organization,
  • will work hard and learn quickly, and
  • reflect a certain degree of professionalism in the manner in which you have prepared and presented your application materials.

The general rule when applying for an internship is to apply as early as possible but no later than the semester prior to the desired internship.


You are encouraged to follow the important steps listed below:

Step I
Make an appointment with Career Services at 740-284-5251 and complete the Voluntary Internship Proposal & Application Agreement Form which will be completed at your appointment.

Step II
Research internships related to your academic major and your objectives. Use the faculty, career center, library and recommended internet resources to assist you.

Step III
Complete the Internship Proposal and Application Form

Step IV
After the supervisor, your advisor and you have completed the appropriate sections and signed the form, review the application and your Resume and Cover Letter with the Career Center who will sign the application and send it to the Dean’s office for approval.

Step V
After the Dean approves the internship for credit, the Registrar will place the internship on your schedule for credit within three weeks.

Step VI
Provide the internship supervisor with the Site Supervisor Evaluation Form when you begin the internship and ask this individual to complete this evaluation and review it with you prior to the deadline. You should do the same with the Self-Evaluation Form Both forms are to be returned to the Career Center by the date determined.

Step VII
Please understand that ALL of the above is YOUR responsibility. We are glad to help, but we cannot be responsible for your work.

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