Our Campus Counseling Center provides a full range of professional counseling services to all University students. In addition, employees of the University may make an appointment for an assessment and referral to another counselor in the local area.

Our staff is composed of a licensed independent social worker and licensed professional clinical counselors. Graduate students who are counselor trainees are under the direct supervision of the licensed staff.

Counseling Staff

Counseling Center Staff:

(pictured, left to right)
  • Diana Bessler, LPCC-S
  • Joseph A. Loizzo, MSW, LISW-S
    Director of the Wellness Center
  • Mary Jo Yanda, LPCC-S
  • Cynthia Vaudrain, LPCC-S
  • Matthew Burriss, LPC
Not pictured:
  • Christin Jungers, LPCC-S
  • Don Kissinger, LPCC-S
  • Mrs. Kathy DiGregory, Secretary

Our mission is to utilize the best of mental health care with Christian principles to assist our students in leading more effective and satisfying lives. Counseling involves an assessment interview to develop a personal plan for individual and/or group treatment. The counselor and client will agree to work within a brief treatment model to deal with problems identified in the personal plan. Since the campus counseling center is not a full-service mental health clinic, some students will be referred to mental health services in Steubenville for the services that they need.

To make an appointment with a counselor:  

  1. Download and print the Counseling Initial Intake Form. Complete both pages, indicating on page 2 the times that your weekly schedule is already filled with classes and other activities.
  2. Put it in a sealed envelope addressed to
    Joseph Loizzo
    Director of the Wellness Center
    Finnegan Fieldhouse
  3. Either place it in the campus mail or bring it to the Health Center in Finnegan Fieldhouse and leave it with the Secretary.
  4. A member of the Campus Counseling staff will either call or email you to set up the first appointment.

Counseling Services Information

General information on personal problems posted here should not be substituted for professional counseling or psychotherapy.

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