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Accessing ResNet - [click here for the minimum system requirements]

Students need to activate their e-mail accounts in order to login to the ResNet.   You must be on the ResNet network to login.

  1.  Wireless: In those common areas where a wireless connection is available, make sure your computer is connecting with a ResNet router. Non-wireless: Plug your patch cable into the wall jack. There will be multiple ports. The port should be labeled Data. Plug the other end into your computer’s Ethernet port.

  2. Open your browser and type in the address This will direct you to the login page.

  3. Type in the Username field your University Login/E-mail account and the password.

    If you typed in the correct Username and password, you will see a screen welcoming you to the network.  You may now browse the Internet and use the network resources.

    If you mistype the password and you see the  “access denied” screen,  you should close the window and try the original address again (  If you this screen continues to appear you may already  be logged on to the network or are restricted from accessing the network continue to the section, Where to turn for help.

  4. When you see the Welcome to the Network page, you may browse the Internet as you would normally.
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